Sunday, October 04, 2009

Demographic Awareness Month

In case you didn't notice all the pink around football stadiums this weekend (and I'm not talking about the cheerleaders), the NFL added some fab pink accents to their uniforms to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As the newest member of the mommy blogger community I'm all for breast cancer awareness, but given the typical NFL fan isn't the message a little displaced? With all the men in the audience, wouldn't prostate cancer awareness make more sense? Or given the amount of red meat being grilled up at tailgate parties outside the stadium make colon cancer awareness slightly more appropriate? I think it might take a little more prodding to get those prostate exams and colonoscopies done. Pun intended.

I'm sure all the football widows around the nation are thrilled that their husbands are offering to give them breast exams after a long day of drinking and eating bratwurst.

But seriously, take care of yourselves. See a doctor once in a while. Eat an apple. Go for a walk. Feel your boobies. And if you're a guy, you shouldn't have boobies so you might want to lay off the cheesy poofs.


Anonymous said...

Your wife says you're obsessed with boobies.

HR said...

Breast cancer: its not just for women anymore, especially if you were a at Camp LeJuene between the 60's and the 80's.

And for another view of all of that pink crap, have a looky here.

Anonymous said...

Leper Lurker said...

Men get breast cancer too.
You insensitive F'er!

k said...

I will take your advice and go for a walk, while eating an apple and feeling up my own boobies. I hope I don't get arrested. Because then I will get that anal probe for free.