Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jon Bon Who?

On the way to the Dead Weather show on the north side of the city, we were like salmon swimming upstream against the current of Bon Jovi fans storming our new neighborhood adjacent to Soldier Field.

Sid: See all those faces?

Mrs F'er: Yes.

Sid: He'll rock them all.

Mrs. F'er:

On the other hand I have no doubt that Dead Weather rocked the faces off everyone who made the tough choice to forgo Soldier Field and the Bon Jovi boys and instead invade the decrepit Congress Theatre to see what a rock show should be. Thanks to everyone who showed up, including the tallest man on Earth who stood in front of me. Oh, and to the two women who couldn't shut the fuck up and could have saved $35 a piece by just going down to their local coffee shop to yap it up. But it was still a swell time. Really. Do not miss Dead Weather if they visit your town.

How hot is this...?


keysunset said...

Oooh, Jack White rocks my world.

Video is nice, except for the cigarette smoking, otherwise I really enjoyed the vibe.

And hadn't you just seen the tallest man on earth at Pitchfork? How cool that he is a Dead Weather fan too.

p.s. I'll confess that I would have enjoyed the Bon Jovi concert too.

aggie biker girl said...

So Mrs. Fer had no reply to your witty retort? I can see she is not easily impressed.

bad mommy said...

so when the mrs. didn't reply, did you feel as though you'd been shot through the heart?

p.s. you're to blame.

God said...

Jon Bon Leprosy. Here's your mission -- Put the band back together! Or adopt a 20 year-old son, and let him form SOL, Son's of Leprosy. Don't let the music die, bastard.