Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lovehammer Press Release

Photo shamelessy stolen from del901, so don't blame her for the following.

Marty Casey and Lovehammers just announced their upcoming single Happy Easter (All Year Long), Casey said he's excited about the new single. "There just aren't enough rock n' roll songs about Easter, so when we were approached about doing one we saw it as an opportunity to make Easter hip again."

Happy, happy Easter, hello to a new Spring,
Hiding all our eggs, looking for some Peeps bling,
I've been waiting all year long....

Fan club members are encouraged to download the song from iTunes 50 times on Holy Thursday to help Marty Casey and Lovehammers reach the top of the charts during this most religious of weeks. Godspeed.


keysunset said...

OH, Sid darlin', this is HYSTERICAL! Thanks for the bedtime story.

And I was FIRST!!!!!!!

Hot CHA!

what she said...

A new Easter single – what a relief!

When I first saw this photo, I thought that Marty had incorporated the old “kiss the bunny between the ears” gag into his stand-up routine…

Thanks for the clarification!

p.s. Good to see you Sid – Hope you’re doing well...

del said...

Sounds like a top seller to me... very little competition in the Easter Rock Song market.. I have no idea why!

PS - no worries over use of the photo.. my rates are very reasonable :-)!

Hammeredyoung said...

Sid, that's wonderful. And such a good idea, too ;)

Hope you are doing well, Sis.

Hammeredyoung said...

OK, that was supposed to say,

Hope you are doing well, Sid!

It's too early for me!

Hef said...

I have room for her at the grotto, she would be one hot bunny.

Wait, that's a man?...really?...really?

He sure has a pretty mouth.

HR said...

Hammeredyoung has let it slip, Sid. The sex-change operation is out of the bag. Time to stop the cancer con.

gabrielle said...

Is this the follow-up to Lh's hit single, Leper Pop from last year? I still have the chorus stuck in my head. "Dookle doodle toodle...Leper Pop!"...something like that, right?
That will be a hard act to follow.

Oh, and I can totally hook you up with the Peeps bling...just sayin'.

Hope you're doing well!

Trees said...

Thanks for the belly laugh Sid... Did Dino request iTunes idea Hahahaha Thanks for Street Teaming