Friday, April 06, 2007

Hey, Doll!

While I'm homebound I try to fill my day with at least some constructive activities, like Jenga, porn and pasta making, but occasionally I fall back to the default of television for entertainment. I was fascinated with the prospect of The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll. Very catchy title. I never knew who the hell the Pussycat Dolls (PCD) were or what they sang, but it quickly became apparent that you needed to be young and hot, dress scantily, and be able to fake your way through a song and dance in heels. Kind of how I spend my days.

On the other hand, Mrs. F'er, a first year med student is so busy that she doesn't really notice all my peripheral activities, although she is wondering where all the pasta is coming from. She does allow herself 42 minutes of free time per week, and on Friday she watches the episode of 24 that she recorded the previous Monday. As she was scrolling through the DVR menu, we had the following conversation:

Mrs: You're not watching the Pussycat Dolls, are you?
Sid: Yes.
Mrs: You are? I was just joking. Like actively watching?
Sid: Yes, they're down to 5 girls.
Mrs: Are any of them good?
Sid: I'm rooting for Anastasia. She has big hair.
Mrs: I think you just like saying Anastasia. Does she have big boobs too?
Sid: They're not bad. I'm also cheering for Melissa S. but she's not going to last.
Mrs: Why not?
Sid: She's not bringing the sexy enough.
Mrs: (laughing) What did you just say?
Sid: She's not bringing the sexy.
Mrs: If you don't watch it, I'm going to have take the remote away from you for your own good.

several minutes later...

Mrs: (laughing) She's not bringing the sexy?
Sid: Yes, what's so funny?
Mrs: I just never thought I'd hear those words come out of your mouth. Are you gay now?

I guess now's not the time to tell her I'm thinking of becoming a choreographer.

So the show rocks. A bunch of 18-24 year old girls with issues all together competing for one spot by seeing who can bring the sexy while overcoming the bitchiness and catiness of the other contestants. Sid says check it out.


leplov said...

Really now Sid. She has a point. Did they radiate your nads or something?

HR said...

I'd make fun of you, but I got hooked on Blow Out a while back. Those Antin siblings got it all figured out.

del said...

I really like Mrs. F'er! (And I think LL may be right.... thanks for finally sharing the truth of what they really did to you in the hospital.)

keysunset said...

I knew Mrs. F'er had to have a great sense of humor to live with you! Love the little "slice o' Sid/Mrs life" here!

Anonymous said...

Meow. I knew I should have tried out.

Chai-Rista said...

Damn Sid! This sounds only like the best show EVER! Why have I not seen this? You rock for exposing us to this cultural event.

Dawn said...

Hi Sid, I can fully understand why you'd be watching a programme like that - just hope it's not shown in the UK! I don't ever want to hear my other half or lodger saying "bringing the sexy" :)

Take care,