Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Little Less Conversation, Sid

The conversation at work turned to the recent ban on smoking in all public places that went into effect in Illinois on January 1st.

Sid: I went to a bar to see a band last week, and I have to say that it was nice not having to take a shower when I got home since I didn’t smell like smoke.
Smoker: Yeah, but you probably reeked of beer.
Sid: No, my friends don’t spit beer on me when they’re drinking.

OK, so I lied.

The conversation at the dinner table with the Mrs. then went as follows:

Sid: So what’s your next test?
Mrs: We have a pathology test that’s going to be tough.
Sid: Why?
Mrs: It’s on the liver.
Sid: That’s one organ, how hard can it be?
Mrs: A lot of stuff happens in the liver.
Sid: Maybe it’s a good thing you aren’t going to be a liver-ologist then.
Mrs: You mean a hepatologist?
Sid: No, what does this have to do with snakes?
Mrs: You mean a herpetologist?
Sid: No, why are you bringing herpes into this? I think you need to stop thinking about snakes and herpes and just focus on the liver.
Mrs: Hrmph.


Anonymous said...

Poor Ms. F_er!

Cranium Champion

HR said...

I'm just thinking out loud here, but maybe, just maybe, Mrs. F'er went to med school to take a break from you for a bit?

lim said...

Hilarious vs. Annoying as hell.

Decision 2008.

keysunset said...

Mrs. F'er went to med school to take a break

ROTFL! That was a great punchline for the set up Sid gave you!

Thanks for the slice o'life, Sid, dear.

del said...

Mrs. F'er is a very very patient woman.

ll said...

MN has no smoking too. I love it! And I plan on using your response next time one of those smoking types complains.