Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knute Rockne, I Am Not

It’s finals week here in the Rub abode. At least for my son it is. And he’s actually been studying! Once I determined he was not an alien replacement organism, I patted him on the head, gave him a cookie and said, “good boy”. Not knowing how to respond to my behavior, he took the dog’s lead and licked himself. I’m all about positive reinforcement – canine and human alike.

This morning he seemed a little groggy. So, I gave him a two liter bottle of Jolt Cola and a bag of Skittles for breakfast. He still seemed punchy. What kind of a parent would I be if I sent him out to take two finals in such a tepid state of mind? I had to rile him up.

To get his mind cranking a little, I asked him about what he expected to be on his tests. He replied with a snotty, “Everything - they’re finals, you know. No need to be a dick, asswipe. I devised another line of questioning specifically designed to entice the capillaries feeding his brain, to which he replied with a Gatling gun-like round of “I don’t know” responses.

Since brain tickling seemed like a lost cause, I decided to rev up his mind through psychosomatic irritation. I began punching his arm, daring him to get mad at me, to get mad at the tests. Don’t take crap from those tests, dirtbag! You can take them! They’re just words on a page. Are you gonna let harmless little words get the better of you? You gotta show those words who’s boss! You gotta get mean! You gotta get ugly! You gotta smell bad! You gotta take a relaxed yet alert posteur and draw consistent and deliberate lines and curves with your yellow number two pencil! YOU GOTTA GRAB THOSE TESTS BY THE BALLS AND RIP THEM APART!

I’m going to miss the bus. And he left.

Then I remembered he wasn’t very good at comprehending figurative language. Luckily, he never listens to me. I think he’d get a zero for a ripped up final. But if he did listen to me, literally, I would be interested where he grabbed the tests before he ripped them apart.


keysunset said...

I gave him a two liter bottle of Jolt Cola and a bag of Skittles for breakfast Would you be my dad? I think that's the kind of breakfast I need to get me going at o'dark thirty. Geez, I've been trying to rely on black coffee and toast until I wake up at ten o'clock wondering where my kids are and how I got to work.

Thanks for another useful and insightful parenting lesson, Prof. Rub!

p.s. will any of this be on the test?

del said...

Test? No one said there would be a test!!

HR said...

Why does your son look like Mick Jagger?

doug_plank said...

Sounds like the scene from Breakfast Club with Judd Nelson talking about his dad.

But more gay.

Moist Rub said...

It's not supposed to look like him. It's supposed to be a taunting "That's what you look like" reference. Shut up, Dad.