Monday, July 20, 2009

The Brian Johnson Massacre

Last night I had a dream that Brian Johnson got a hold of my iPhone during an AC/DC show and put some sort of virus on it that changed my home screen to a series of demonic images and made the phone otherwise inoperable. I was pretty pissed off and told him he was a fraud. He didn't seem to care.


HR said...

Mmmmm. You musta had chicken and waffles last night!

213 said...

The end of the previous post read, "After a shower, it was back on the bikes… but I’ll save that for the next post."

So, were you dreaming about Brian while riding your bike at night?

213 said...

Has the return of that Sid F'er driven off Moist Rub?

whings (word verification) said...

I had a dream that Malcolm Young wants you to change the blog name to F'er Pop seeing as Sid is the only active blogger currently.

Brian Johnson opposed the idea due to his hatred of Sid's i-phone.

Angus Young wondered what the hell a leper pop was.

Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a fuck about your god damn word verification.

I'm glad moist rub is gone. He was a cock sucker.

Anonymous said...

You can't possibly know what everyone does and doesn't care about. Cool the fuck down, Kreskin.

jla said...

so first, I had to who Brian Johnson was...oh, yes, lead singer of ac/dc. leads to "who is brian johnson dating...Veronic Lake." Isn't she dead I asked myself? why would Sid be dreaming of an AC/DC show unless he had recently listened to them, spoken about them, or MAYBE, Just MAYBE Sid really loves veronica lake, who's dating brian, so secretly he HATES brian and wants him denounced as a fraud. or maybe he just thinks he's lipsyncing all these years?
maybe you're really afraid of the iphone bill due each month (are you kidding me, $100+ per month?? ) or maybe I'm just cheap.

Sid said...

ac/dc will be in town in three weeks and i've been debating whether i want to go to the show or not. $95.

i don't know who veronica lake is.

and the iphone bill is less than $100 each month. i don't like people enough to have an expensive unlimited calling or text package. and it's subsidized by work.

so there.

213 said...

but where's the next bike post?