Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Singular Sensation

Notify the folks at Guinness. Not the beer guys, the world record guys. Although maybe the beer guys might be impressed, too.

This morning I made it from the nurturing mothership of my Speed Racer sheeted bed to sitting in my office signed in to my IM account in 69 minutes. Without really trying too hard. In fact, I had snoozed a couple extra times since I like to annoy my neighbors and get even for their general loudness, and I needed a few extra minutes. I even showered and shaved and brushed my teeth in case I got hit by a car and was revived by a cute paramedic. Maybe that guy from Emergency! Not because I’m gay, but because he’d take me to Rampart General Hospital where I would be nursed back to care by Dixie McCall. Scratch all that – I was just notified by Wikipedia that Julie London died nine years ago. And if she were alive she would be 82 years old. That means she was 50 years old when she was biding her time at Rampart. I wouldn’t have guessed that. At all. At least Randolph Mantooth is still alive. But I digress.

Once I was fit for public consumption, I hit the road on my trusty Trek and started out at my usual mellow pace all while enjoying the cool summer morning. However, as usual, my usual mellow pace yielded to a swifter ride, exacerbated by a fortuitous sequence of green lights. At the first red light, a young lass on her own trusty Jamis turned into my bike lane and shot down the block. My mildly competitive nature and more exacting male ego will not allow me to get dropped by a girl, so I maintained my cadence after the light changed. Turns out that this girl could ride – her legs moved that piece of steel at a decent pace and she had the instincts to keep it moving smoothly amidst the urban obstacles. Soon I found myself working pretty hard to keep within half a block, but close enough to satisfy my nagging ego along with the excuse that her skinny tire bike was built for speed more than my solid steel steed and semi-slick tires.

Eventually she peeled off to her destination and soon after I rolled through the alley to the bike racks beside my building. I casually unloaded, locked up, grabbed the paper and made my way up the elevator. After dropping my bag in the storage closet which I have commandeered as my changing room, I set up shop in my office and signed on only to be surprised at the time on my computer. A mere 69 minutes earlier I had been tucked away, snoozing like a cat on a sunny window sill with a bellyful of barbiturates. It didn’t seem possible but now that I know it is, I’m afraid I may turn my casual morning ride into a daily time trial. I don’t want that to happen. So if you see me in the morning, my hubris could probably use a good strong stick in the spokes.


keysunset said...

69 minutes? There's something very subliminal about that. I just can't remember what it is ...

And Julie London is dead?!

OH, and quit following me.

Speaking of avoiding urban obstacles, I made my first so-close-I-made-the-pedestrian-gasp pass on my ride last Saturday. I really didn't mean to scare the person, I was just trying to get around the three person wide obstacle in my path before the couple with stroller and dog coming from the other direction closed the gap. I actually felt kinda bad about it ... but not so bad that I went back and apologized.

Safety Dancer said...

A simple "on your left" when passing on a multi-use path is recommended and should suffice. That is, if the parties being passed aren't completely clueless or iPod'd to the max.

Anonymous said...


Its when the man eats out the woman when the woman is sucking on the mans penis. That is what 69 is.

keysunset said...

I certainly left the door wide open for that, didn't I, anonymous?

Thanks for the tip Safety Dancer. I'm a relative newbie to the protocol of bike riding and I honestly never knew what it meant when people said, "on your left" to me.

With the slow start I have to every day, I'm still amazed that Sid could awaken, shower, shave, dress, and bike to work in just over an hour! Do any of the rest of you dear readers zip around that quickly in the mornings?