Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soul Man

This is what happens when Hertz is out of cars and I need to go elsewhere for my rental:

Sid: Hi, I have a reservation.
Alamo: Would you like a Soul or a Flex?
Sid: A Soloflex? Are you saying I'm out of shape?
Alamo: No, you're in fine shape. A Soul... or a Flex.
Sid: I don't know what either one of those is.
Alamo: The Flex is big SUV. I'd recommend the Soul.
Sid: Fine, give me the Soul.

I now have the ugliest car on the planet. A snot green Kia Soul.

Whatever happened to the days when your only choice was a boring Ford Taurus?

1 comment:

Captain America said...

What happened indeed, but I digress.