Monday, July 02, 2007

The Wanderer

My mind was briefly wandering today at work... I was thinking that I haven't been to an improv show in quite a while and maybe I should schedule an evening out. That led me to thinking about an improv class I took many years ago and then an exercise that we did in class. It involves pulling imaginary items out of a bag very quickly and telling everyone what each item is without thinking about it and saying the first thing that comes into your head. It's supposed to help you be more spontaneous and disregard your internal censor, which can be a good thing to regard in most social situations but it can also stifle an improv scene. So I started doing that exercise in my head and somewhere around item #10 I pulled out Willie Nelson's beard.

That was good enough for me. Back to work.

PS - I highly recommend giving it a try. Let me know what interesting items you find in your bag.


213 said...

You're at work today and you didn't alert me? I would've invited you to join me at The Taste for lunch. You could've gotten your traditional Madonna on a stick.

Moist Rub said...

Golly, 213, you must work downtown.

keysunset said...

Here's my list:
pearl necklace
blue blanket
bird seed
an azalea
a magazine
a new car
a "I don't know what that thing is?! I'm not putting my lips on it!" thing.
big, plastic, glow-in-the-dark jacks
a taco
a black & white "Kitty Cat" clock
car keys (Yea! For my new car!)
freckles (How did I get FRECKLES in my bag?)
loooooong blue and white scarf
a liver (YO says I have this extra one in case I have to go to the hospital.)
mastodon tooth
bat guano
a watch that doesn't work
and .....
a 3 foot cockroach! YIKES! I throw down bag and run away screaming ........


del said...

Mine just had one thing... Paul Markovich. :) Sorry, no. That's what I wanted to find in my bag. Nevermind. I'll have to start again.

e said...


k said...

I invited my whole memoir class to come visit and you pick NOW to pull Willie's nelson outta a bag!!!

HR said...

I kept getting rabbits. And then Betty White came out saying, "Spay or Neuter your pets."

Sid F'er said...

Just tell your class to scroll down a bit. You can't be Bukowski or Hemingway everytime when it's a part-time gig.

keysunset said...

HR, that's precious! :-D

Hey, y'all, I feel all naked out here with everything pulled out of my bag. I guess I should wrap up in that blue blanket. Oh yes, and the pearl necklace should tie the whole look together. ;-)

FP said...

I pulled out a Leper Pop brownie pan like the one you’re using as a header on your blog page, and wondered when they’d be available for purchase. I’ll keep checking back…

ll said...

A nose hair.

My first and last item out of the hat.

Thanks for gettin' me creeped out, dude.