Thursday, August 02, 2007

Leper Pop Contest of the Day!

Note: this contest is over. Read below for amusement purposes only.

We all want to win a brand spanking new Leper Pop t-shirt, don't we? Well, pretend that you do.

To enter our fabulous contest, examine the picture above for a while. Try not to puke. Then, in your best English, write a story about the picture and email it to Be as short or as long winded as you feel necessary. The important thing is that our television is broken, and we need entertainment.

The best story submitted, as judged by Sid F'er, Moist Rub and Captain Break-It, will win a brand spanking new Leper Pop t-shirt**, as made famous by Marty Casey of Marty Casey and the Lovehammers.

(Don't write about Marty unless you incorporate him into the story that goes along with the picture at the top of this post. Who knows, he may have been the patient right before this one.)

We reserve the right to post any story sent to us. If it's really good, we may even claim it as our own. However, we won't post your name unless you say it's cool to do so. If not, we'll make up a name for you, like Flippa Carover.

Contest deadline: sometime later in the future, or when we get tired of reading the millions of entries.

Be sure to read the other rules from our lawyers in the fine print below.

Lawyers suck

** We have a limited number of sizes. We'll try to give you one that fits, but you may have to either lose some weight or start lifting weights to fit into it.


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I wanted to be a medical doctor, yes indeed. But they wanted me to learn stuff, like English. And I wasn't having any of that.

So one day I got to thinking and thinking and thinking. And then I thought of something really good. I think. Then I got an idea.

So I went down to the local 7-11, it was a hot day. Really hot. So hot I started to sweat. A lot. This was before I got a quality Leper Pop t-shirt so the flimsy material became see-through.

Next thing I knew a crowd gathered around. I thought they were pleased, I mean they were throwing money at me and everything. But it turns out it was not because of that. The "make it stop" and "oh my eyes, my eyes" kinda gave me a hint...that I was at a Burden Bros. concert!!! Just kidding.

So with my brand new spanking $5, I headed to the local Goodwill and got me a nice shiny white lab coat. At least that's what it became once I cut off the extra long sleeves with all the buckles on them. It was so 80s!

And I was in business! Now I knew I wasn't going to get patients just like that, I'm no dummy ya know! What I also knew is that my buddy Moe Beers would be a helping hand.

Sure enough, he was passed out... I mean asleep on the porch when I went to his house. I pried the half full beer can and half lit cig. from his cold drunk fists and then I really was in business!

That was all I needed to lure Mr. CBI, Sr. the III to my office...down by the river in Del's soon to be sold condo which looks suspiciously like a van. I knew she was loaded!

So all liquored up and smoked out, Mr. CBI the III never knew what hit him!

The end.

do I win, do I ?????

Anonymous said...

I don't remember agreeing to being a judge.

Your honor, your Honor.

del said...

Did you say you wouldn't be a judge, Sid? I think there's some technicality about silence equalling consent.

Anonymous, I am not currently loaded, but if you stop by Tuesday, you can help with loading the van!

HR said...

You might want to make it clear that Leperportraits didn't draw that one...

Moist Rub said...

I'm sure the quality of the drawing and the TL signature makes it pretty clear who created it.

lh said...

Wow, that's some good laziness, getting the minions to write the blog for you.

HR said...

I was too busy to try to figure out if that was the guy's right knee or his dick to notice the TL.

ko said...

Okay, we've waited long enough! Who won ???