Sunday, September 21, 2008

Review: Monte Montgomery - Fitzgerald's - 9/20/08

holy shit.

If you need more than that, just re-read my last review. And double it.

Even with a new drummer, they're tighter than ever. Go see them.


keysunset said...

Not appearing in a town near me!

OH well.

Hey, you sportin' the "Bolo with Monte Pick" to work tomorrow?

Andrea Dworkin said...

Ugh. "Tight" in another band review.

Sid said...

I agree. The term is probably overused. I hope I don't, because I don't know how else to describe their playing. It's obvious they rehearse these songs and know what they're doing. Go see them and please let me know how else you would describe it.

Maybe next time I'll stick with "holy shit."

Anonymous said...

Who cares about a comment by somebody who chooses not to identify his/her real self?

Place it in your ass "andrea".

don rickles said...

Yeah "Andrea," identify yourself with your real name just as Anonymous, Sid and Keysunset have done.

syd said...

maybe it really is andrea. i know that every time i read "tight" in a band review that it gets me hot and bothered and wanting to treat women disrespectfully. so let's all be a little more judicious with the term.

but, damn, they were tight. tight tight tight. tighter than a wetsuit on a clydesdale.

i'm sincerely open to suggestion on how else to communicate that since any literary skills have failed me.

HR said...

Andrea Dworkin is dead. You know what that means?There must be RSS feed in heaven!

ala moist rub said...

"Even with a new drummer, they're more of a frog's ass than ever. Go see them."

syd said...

i must have missed the story on her death while i was looking at porn.