Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dinner Conversations During OB/GYN Rotations

Sid: So did you save any lives today?
Mrs F'er: No.
Sid: Did you kill anyone?
Mrs: I don't think so.
Sid: Did you see any vaginas?
Mrs: More than I care to in a lifetime.

Mrs: I get to scrub in on a complete hysterectomy tomorrow.
Sid: So all you have to do is cut and take everything out, tie up the ends and stitch her back up?
Mrs: Something like that.
Sid: So what exactly do you have to take out?
Mrs: Uterus and ovaries.
Sid: Fallopian tubes?
Mrs: Yes.
Sid: Vas deferens?
Mrs: No. Women don't have those.
Sid: I know, it was a trick question.
Mrs: Yeah, I at least learned that much.


Moist Rub said...

But with one of those, she can get as many vas deferenseses as she wants.

keysunset said...

I take it that OB/GYN may not be the field she wants to specialize in.

Good thing you've been checking over her homework, Sid, so you can try to catch her with trick questions. Keep up the good work.