Friday, October 14, 2005

Societal Moralistic Calamity and the Virtues of Pornography

A contemporary item that has great influence on the morals of people around the world is Playboy magazine. Playboy magazine has many explicit photos of nude women, a few sexually orientated articles, and occasionally an investigative article that is worth reading. The magazine itself does not really try to convey a message to its readers, but instead claims to be an entertaining and informative magazine. Playboy is in the magazine business to make money and does not really care if the magazine conveys a message or not as long as men keep buying it. There are many people who are offended by Playboy and many others who are against the magazine because Playboy is a form of pornography. Although the magazine does not attempt to influence people, it succeeds in influencing people’s morals. Many people believe that there are two basic reactions to pornography: 1) it causes people to commit sexual crimes like rape or child molestation, 2) it suppresses sexual aggressiveness in would be rapists or other perverts.

Playboy magazine can affect a person’s morals for the worst. The magazine is capable of turning a man who previously had good morals into a rapist. A man could be walking down the street and notice Playboy on the shelf at a news stand and decide to purchase the magazine because it has an interesting article in it. The man would go home and start scanning the pages trying to find the article. Before you know it, the man stumbles upon the centerfold which contains a picture of a lovely, young girl and the man gets so sexually excited that he forgets all about the article. The man starts to get obscene thoughts and decides that he must satisfy himself, so he goes outside and sees a woman who reminds him of the naked girl in the centerfold. He cannot control himself and he attacks and rapes here. What is it that can turn an honest, law-abiding citizen into a madman? Playboy, or pornography in general, works on a man’s natural sex drive to turn him into a “Doctor Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde” type of person. Of course this example is an extreme case, but it is possible for men’s morals to be affected by something as simple as a magazine.

On the other hand, some people say that pornography (Playboy) is a blessing to society. People claim that pornography actually satisfies the sex drives of perverts who roam the streets of America. I find this statement hard to believe and I raise the question: How did these perverts come to be sexually deviant in the first place? The answer to this question in my mind is that the pervert was exposed to pornography at one time in his life which affected his morals. The pornographic exposure could have been a peek at a Playboy at a young age or exposure to a family member. There is no valid way that pornography can influence morals for the better.

Everyday, millions of people are exposed to some form of pornography. Some people can control themselves better than others can and are not affected morally by the exposure. But there will always be some person who will be affected for the worst and take it out on an innocent victim. As long as pornography is so easy to get, there will always be sexual crimes committed all over the world. I am not saying that pornography is the one and only cause of sexual crimes, but I believe that it is capable of affecting the morals of even good men.


213 said...

Who are you and what have you done with the real Captain Break-it?

Helmet Hair said...

Who the hell gave this person access rights? Write this jibberish for the New York Times editorial page and leave this blog alone.

P-Geo said...

"Pornography is a blessing to society" ... Just as relevant today as it was originally written for “Rhet 105” back in 1984 (no Orwellian reference implied).

Hopefully, the author's critically acclailed paper on Rape won't be to far behind.

Rock On.. Capt ... Rock On!

bibi said...

Is it something we said or did?

Have Sid and Moist been harmed or abducted? WTF?

Marty Casey -- are you behind this?

Somebody's not roit for something!

Holy Hell!

Village Idiot said...

Who are you? Why are you here? Where did you come from? Your link to your own blog does not work. I cannot examine your previous blogs. I am confused. I want to contribute too. Oh, wait, I hog all the space on the comments boards. Each gargantuan post a blog in and of itself.

I already checked to see if I could have my own blog, and I don't have the right browser and a whole bunch of other things to do it. Wah.

So, I guess I'll be here.

Now it's time to feed the skunks and ravens. I'll be back.


Jules said...

??? I leave you all for a few days and look what happens. I promise I'll never leave again. Cross my heart and hope to die. Now can Sid and Moist come back out to play?

Anonymous said...

Sid and Moist have been abducted by aliens, haven't they? Raping, pillaging aliens that read too much Playboy when they first landed on earth or something... I'm so confused.

Village Idiot said...

Back in the oh-so-distant mid-seventies, the teen gang would gather together when possible to watch Saturday Night Live. When it used to be funny.

It wasn't a gang like gangs these days. Nobody had a gun, for crying out loud. Wait, I take that back. The guys would go "hunting" and shot a lot of trees. I don't really approve of that hunting business anyway.

The scariest thing we'd do were "drive-by water balloonings" and "t-p" someone's front yard.

All the great original people, all those hilarious characters and skits. Yeah, we'd get beer or something else if we could and be silly throughout the show.

One year, as we neared Christmas, all the "Not Ready for Primetime Players" gathered together to sing a Christmas carol.

We sat, on the edge of our seats, waiting for the "funny" part. They kept singing. We chattered back and forth about what kind of funny thing they might do. They kept singing. We grew impatient. They kept singing. We got mad. They finished singing. We were pissed.

Where the heck was the FUNNY part? We didn't want to hear serious holiday music. We were already gagging on that crap piped in every single retail store, played on the radio and cheesy decorations in every possible location.

It doesn't matter that the carol was well done. That the harmony was pleasant. Who knew Garrett Morris could sing so well? He WAS schooled at Juilliard. Huh.

But that's not why we watched SNL. We liked whatever musical guests might appear. We liked the house band. But it was never supposed to have serious carols at the holidays. In our opinion.

Now we come to this blog. We have come to expect something "funny" on Leper Pop. This wasn't funny.

I'm not sure if it's supposed to be serious either. Seems rather far-fetched to think of someone running out after viewing a magazine to plunder the village.

Then again, after getting some fashion magazines, I was known to run out and look for similar less-expensive items.

And I still do that for decorating when helping others. Watch me recreate this million-dollar living room in a magazine with a trip to the thrift store, IKEA, paper clips, and Moist, pass the duct tape.

Voila! It's lovely, isn't it?

I've never had the urge to run out and run over someone, although I've seen it on TV. Along with all sorts of other things. And books. They're full of strange happenings.

I'm still not willing to eat someone's liver after killing them with fava beans and a nice chianti. And I'm not cutting off the top of their skull to slice off brain portions to fry on the table for guests from a living, unwilling, drugged donor. Hannibel Lector did both, in books. I know the difference between books and life. Most of the time anyway.

So, anyway,*I* expect the blog to be funny. Not serious. Or not TOO serious. Maybe something vaguely serious interjected into the humor.

What is the difference between "pornography" and "erotica"? The art gallery area of Sasha from the House Band of RS:INXS contains many art pieces.

Main site:

I like all the "Art of Maya" series. "Monique" and "Mr. Producer". And the one that got me to go there in the first place, that Dave Navarro put on the 6767 site, "Monk".

Is it art or not? The Erotika section? Is photography an art? Would it matter who took the picture? Or where it appeared? If Warhol did it and did it repeatedly in different colors, is it art?

There are plenty of suggestive poses for guy auto magazines. That's where you'll find your pre-teens viewing pre-porn. The magazine section at your local grocers. Scary, ain't it?


Really idiotic villager said...

Holy crap, sorry about the long post. I kept getting up to try putting Killian in the "naughty spot" or "reflection room" after he was picking on Steele. SuperNanny apparently doesn't transfer well to cats.

I'd come back and add more, then forget what I was doing.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, in the world of the Captain all of the women are naked.

Hugh Hefner said...

Great essay Captain, you win a year's subscription to Playboy magazine.

Village Idiototo said...

Ambien sleep medication. May cause drowsiness, dizziness or diarrhea.

Well, uh, the first thing is sort of the point, isn't it? But putting all those things together? Is it really a risk worth taking?

Commercials would be excellent blog material. Except that some are local commercials, not national or international.

Sid's busy being busy. Moist, what's your son's homework looking like for the weekend? Anything you can blog for us?

"Gosh, I can hardly wait to find out what Son has for homework!!!"


lissa said...

Anonymous, where in the article does it say that all women are naked? I think this is very funny. Don't you get it?

Bibi said...

Captain Break-It believes that pornography is affecting the morals of good men ... Hmmm ... I hope so! Here at our house we have some good men ... zzzzzzzzzzzz. We love them but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

In the Break-It we have just witnessed the birth of a comic genius? Or as Anonymous says, an abduction by aliens!

Playboy is a charming publication that has brought pleasure and lousy cartoons to men women and children for generations now ... I plan on leaving issues hidden in the bathroom for my budding teenager when the time is right ... Just as issues were left around for me to inspect ... and I'm a girl .. or a grown-woman ... I think. Most girls are raised on this kind of low-grade porno (though I wouldn't call it that) simply because there are so few other sources to go to that inspire enthusiasm of any kind. Remember naked Burt Reynolds ... yuck! I'd rather look at some Pamela myself. Byt the cartoons in the New Yorker are def. better so I'll grant the Break-It that much.

Whovever wrote this Societal Moralistic Calamity is looking for beer and pizza ... (I think Sid wrote it ... Sid seems to be married and has to do homework ... Moist is out there divorced and funning ... ) Wanna bet?

Do you think that 20 years from now we can nominate LeperPop for the Nobel in ANY category?

Aunt Nina said...

Bibi said...
Most girls are raised on this kind of low-grade porno


What the hell?????? No they aren't. Who is your dad... Bob Guccione?

And by the way, I'm really tired of women pretending to be lesbian or bisexual in hopes that this will make them more attractive to men. It's pathetic. How many men would pretend to be bisexual to attract you? None. That's how many. I've never been into chicks and will never pretend to be to impress some guy whose hero is Larry Flynt. (The above opinion, of course, is not referring to women who actually are gay...)

Now, back to the hilarity...

And, Go White Sox! How about a blog deciphering Ozzie Guillen's post-game interview? Heh-heh...

jules said...

Okay, okay, I'm starting to get the humor, here. The spot where I clued in?

**A man could be walking down the street and notice Playboy on the shelf at a news stand and decide to purchase the magazine because it has an interesting article in it.**

Riiiiiiight. He decides to purchase it for the article. Funny stuff.

Village Idiot said...

I had to be told by Moist that it was hilarious. No, I wouldn't have believed anyone else.

I still don't "get it" but after Captain posts more blogs, maybe I'll catch on to the style and be able to go back to this first one and laugh heartily.

Everyone else who doesn't get it can join me for a midnight trip to the village water well where we will have a drool contest.


Moist Rub said...

Jules, there is hope for you yet. I am so proud of you.

Aunt Nina, it may seem hard for you to believe this, but there are plenty of guys, not a majority, mind you, that would feign gay for a one way ticket to Getsomeville. Whatever works is the creed. As you women have already made evident, men have no shame.

Sid F'er said...

Oh, believe me, I have much shame.

Bibi said...

Dear Aunt Nina ... Please don't be upset by the world and its wicked ways -- If I brought discord into your day, I humble myself before you, I think.

Nobody's pretending to be anything -- and no need to bring my distinguished old Daddy into it ... (I never did) ... Love my Daddy and all my many fine aunties too ... Why pick on Guccione anyway? Does he have daughters? I trust he loves them if he does ... If he don't, that's punishment enough.

Boobs and stuff and exploitation-lite (very lite) don't scare me much ... Other stuff, yeah, for sure ... And, really, anyone here trying to make herself look attractive by being bi or tri or whatever? Not within my thin frame ... Really, I honestly wish I were a lesbian ... I'd be one hell of a lot happier, I know! Chill out and I mean that in the nicest way. I will endeavor to do the same.

Life is dull on occasion ... I may be flawed but I def. don't want my ten-year old boy growing up to think that looking at beautiful naked chicks in mags is a sin or a crime of anything else other than what it is... Color me nuts, but just don't ... Now if we're talking impeachment and kicking folks out of office, I'm on board and ready to roll -- As Marty says, "That's right!"

What trouble you bring to the flock, Captain Break-It, when you deny us our martinis and the occasional Kelly Monaco in her underwear sightings ... Haven't we proven our love for you already? See how we bicker and turn on each other? Shame! Am off to rediscover my blessed and always fully clothed and yes devastingtly attractive heterosexual roots ...

Village Idiot said...

Hey, I really DID buy a men's magazine for an article. I don't remember who, but some famous author was putting in a short story in something like Penthouse.

And I felt stupid going from magazine place to magazine place trying to find that particular issue. I mean, those aren't next to Martha Stewart Living and Dwell and Better Homes and Gardens. I didn't even know where to look for such things.

So, at least ONE person in the world actually bought a men's magazine for an article/story.


AMAI said...

Captain's Blog - stardate 69.3

We've landed on a planet where all the men are naked and the women wear elaborate hair-extensions that cover their sexy bits. We're pretty sure we've been here before, but no one seems to recognize us. We need some duodenum to refuel our tardship, but in order to obtain it, we must do as the Head She-Devil instructs.

Before we know it, we're on our knees, licking and....

We apologize for the foregoing. Please stand by.

Aunt Nina said...

moist rub said...
there are plenty of guys, not a majority, mind you, that would feign gay for a one way ticket to Getsomeville

Wow. I learn something new about you all the time. (just kidding)

Bibi, You offer good advice. I never before realized that the definition of "chill out" is : to raise one's children on porn. Now I know that kids cannot become aware of their attraction to the opposite sex without first seeing photos of naked adults. It can only be described as a 'miracle' that I, in my childhood, was able to develop crushes on little boys, when my parents were so heartless as to not leave around pornographic visual aids for me to discover.

I'm sure that everyone here would also say that their parents, like yours, lovingly schooled them in the ways of porn. It must have only been our evil parents who would deny their growing offspring such a basic human right. I used to think that parents who exposed their kids to porn were the kind who Children's Protective Services should be notified about. Now, with your help, I see the error of my thinking. Thank you for enlightening me, and I mean that in the nicest way.

Sid F'er said...

I need to check out one of these Playboy magazines to see what all the ruckus is about.

Moist Rub said...

I'm still hooked on National Geographic. I can't imagine anything being more stimulating than those photos.

blonde concrete said...

*I'm still hooked on National Geographic. I can't imagine anything being more stimulating than those photos.*

The ex-Mrs. Rub will be flattered by this. No doubt.

Moist Rub said...

I think the last straw was when I asked her to wear a Chokwe tribal Mwana Pwo mask to bed one night. That pretty much sent her on the road to ex-Mrs. Rubhood. Can't say that I blame her.

Sid F'er said...

Wearing that mask makes me feel kind of sexy.

Village Idiot said...

You both are reminding me of a scene from this movie:

Nice body paint, fellas.


Village Idiot said...

"Chokwe tribal Mwana Pwo mask"

Huh, out of curiousity, I thought I'd look it up. It sounded like something you made up. Nope, they're real!

More here:

Ahhh, another version of the ideal female:

She's obviously had a face lift, look how high the eyebrows are. And those arrows on the forehead? I think that's from Botox.

Moist, it may not have been the mask that sent Mrs. Rub on her way to ex-dom. It was more likely from you attempting to attach the wooden breasts.


Aunt Nina said...

Moist, it may not have been the mask that sent Mrs. Rub on her way to ex-dom. It was more likely from you attempting to attach the wooden breasts.


Was he trying to attach them to her or to himself? Either way, I could see it being a deal-breaker.....

;^ D

Village Idiot said...

Aunt Nina, to whomever was wearing the mask. What I read says that usually guys play the woman's part. How is it that the epitomy of womanhood is played by a guy?

I dunno. Probably the same reason that the guys in drag often look way better than I do. Dang. Life is SOOO unfair.

Hit count:
Tuesday, 10/18/05, 10:00 PM Pacific

Nina, does Moist sleepwalk? I'm wondering if Sid or Moist load the site in their sleep, again and again and again.

Who ARE all these interested people? Maybe they're not interested. Maybe they came here by mistake. Anyone see a "detour" sign leading here?


Val said...

I've been coming here at least once a week since I got hooked with the rock star reviews. But I never post comments > until now. These boys are entertaining.

Aunt Nina said...

Nina, does Moist sleepwalk?


I don't know. I don't sleep with him.

Bibi said...

Dear, and I mean that, Aunt Nina ... Can we agree that Captain Break-It has it going on? What else does that tricky boy have up his sleeve? Do you think Captain Break-It is into cockfights? I think cockfights are very troubling and ought to be outlawed.

I'm happy for you to have the last word on the sex and nudity thing ... Your cadences are pleasing, you're obviously passionate about the subject, and I'm not wedded to being right about too much of anything these days ... That would be sad. And being wedded can be a headache. These days are also a headache, it seems.

As for Child Protective Services, I can assure you all is well here -- I'm not pushing anything on anybody except maybe some macaroni and cheese and the occasional Flintstones vitamin. I tried pushing Marty Casey on my kid and he wasn't buying ... He loves Godzilla ... My idea of a good tv show was West Wing when Aaaron Sorkin was still around and Rob Lowe was acting all smart and wordy ALL the time ... My notion of a good magazine is The New Yorker when it has its act together and all systems are go ... Still, I do get a kick out of those who are able to read deep meaning into Jerry Springer and, well, I admire the folks who crank out The Bold and The Beautiful for understanding without embarassment what a soap opera is meant to deliver. Unabashed silliness. Unabashed has its place somewhere, I hope.

So ... where is Captain Break-It? I'd qualify his as a stunning debut!

Aunt Nina said...

Cockfights? my knowledge, the Captain doesn't own any poultry. It's very possible that I read sarcasm into your previous comment when there was none. Sorry about that. I just want to clarify that if your first comment only mentioned adults, I wouldn't have said anything. Whatever legal acts consenting adults agree to engage in is up to their own discretion. Maybe I misunderstood your meaning but when I hear anything about children and 'adult' matters that they aren't yet mature enough to comprehend/handle properly, I feel compelled to speak out.

My opinion about women who claim to only be heterosexual and discuss women in a "romantic" way - that still makes no sense to me. I would understand those who say they are bisexual doing that. That's logical. But I was more thinking of society's (MTV for example) encouragement of this new phenomenon to the 'youngins' than the people commenting at Leper Pop. See, most of my nieces will be entering their teenage years in the not too distant future and my concern for this subject regards them, mostly.

And I wield absolutely no power around here. MR, Sid, and the Captain could decide to transform this blog into a lesbian chat fest tomorrow and I'd have no say in the matter. Whatever I write - it's just me adding my own two cents like everyone else. So, you need not kneel before me. No one ever has before (except for that one time in college....but alcohol played a role in that). Since I'm not your aunt, you can just call me 'Nina.' I only began posting as Aunt Nina so MR would know it was me. If I'd thought anyone other than MR would pay attention to my comments, I would've chosen a cooler name.

Bibi said...

Nina ... I like Aunt Nina as a name. Makes me think of Uncle Vanya. And I hear you ... I was being foolish and petulant and it was late ... I've a certain need for acting like an ass right now but perhaps best not to broadcast any of that so widely--or at all! I gather blogs are not meant to be used as Message Boards anyway but I continue to hold the Dynamic Duo responsible as the alternative might be chilling. I'd also like to blame Marty but that's not working for me either ...

And "chill out" is never really a good thing to say to anybody, I've found, so I kind of provoked the response. I have gotten a kick out of the conversation, though, and hope that's okay. Take care ...

I'm looking forward to the return of Capt Break-It as I think he (or she?) really did do just that in a clever way.

Village Idiot said...

Nina, Moist could sleepwalk around the house, and even out into the yard. Or down the street. I'm not sure if people can "sleepdrive", but if he ever shows up at your door in his jammies and is very confused, you'll have your answer.

I also don't know if sleepwalkers are more graceful than in their lives as awake people, but if they are the same as conscious people, you'd hear me coming. Or hear me throughout a home.

I bang into things when I'm awake.

So, you don't have to sleep with a sleep walker, just be in the same house. Like when you were kids?

And is anyone ever going to tell me what "Moist Rub" means? I keep thinking of Vick's Vapor Rub. Maybe that's why I'm so refreshed and breathing easier after coming here, it's the eucalyptus fumes.


bibi said...

Dear Village Idiot ...

Unless I'm mistaken, I think that Moist Rub refers to a form of barbecue preparation ... Although I could be confusing Moist Rub with Dry Rub, which I'm almost certain is a form of barbecue preparation!