Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Quarter Beers Are How Much?

It’s been, oh, let’s say 19 years since I’ve been to a bar where people were lined up two deep for fifty cent draft beers. Back then they were only a quarter, but we deserved that price after walking uphill both ways in the snow to the bar on a broken ankle (remind me to tell you that story sometime). The tunes have also changed to some hip gentleman named Fifty Cent, so I didn’t recognize much other than the single anachronistic Ramones tune that they somehow forgot to take out of the jukebox back in 1980’s. I considered giving a lecture to the group that gathered there about how they really weren’t brothers despite all being named Ramone, but I was afraid someone would consider it a wild coincidence that all those guys with the same last name ended up in the same band and then I would have had to punch someone in the nose and I’m far too old to get tossed out of bars anymore so I just enjoyed the moment. However, I did get my ass grabbed by a girl and got asked out by a guy, so I guess things haven’t changed that much (not to mention the cat-burglar look still working for me). Sure, she only grabbed my ass because I glued a $100 bill to it, and, hey, what girl can resist the Benjamins? Regarding my new guy friend, I had to turn him down but told him I’d reconsider if he waxed his chest.

If you want to grab Sid’s ass or show him your freshly waxed chest, you can find him at the upcoming Von Ehrics show at Quenchers Saloon next Friday, April 11. Or you can just rock out to the tunes.

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keysunset said...

LOL! I love the visuals I get from your writing, dear Sid.

Indeed what girl can resist the Benjamins ... ;-)

Those will be the shoes you'll be wearing, right? And I thought it was only the tall pretty blond one we had to look out for ...

I'd better point that stationary bike toward Chicago today if I'm a-gonna get there by Friday.