Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rock Star - July 6 Moist Rub

One death show down, one less more to go. Before I get into tonight’s show, there are a couple of things I would like to get off my chest. Gibly Clarke looks like Gene Simmons’ little brother. Tommy Lee plays fellatio with the microphone. I haven’t been nude since the day I was born.

We learned tonight that Lukas has not read The Doctrine of Cool. Just because I haven’t written it yet is no excuse. Or, he may have read it, but couldn’t understand it. Maybe he only knows how to read Sanskrit. The Doctrine of Cool has not yet been translated into Sanskrit.

I know the emergence of Lukas’s scurviness occurred later in the show, but I want to address it now. I understand that these reality shows think they need controversy to attract the rabble, who will choose to make purchases based on illusions of dastardly repute in the hopes of elevating their stature in the community by adopting that perceived image for themselves, but it is these occurrences that tilt the worldly vibe into the negative realm. Like the tiny algae in all of the seas adding more oxygen into our atmosphere than the greatest forests, it is these seemingly trivial unharmonious transgressions people commit that creates the epidemic of strife in this world, which is culminated in wars and other human feats of ignominy. Tonight (as it was aired), Lukas had the audacity, and the balls, to tell the rest of the rockers that many of them sucked in their first performances. Whether that is true or not, him stating that served no purpose other than to expose him as rotten type. I’m not saying he intentionally behaved that way to help sell the show, but the editors jumped all over it. Being a jag off isn’t going to help anybody win this thing. Seems like insecurity may have been the impetus behind this assault. And I was just thinking about starting to root for the little fella, too. Then this happened. Maybe he is suffering from some Napoleonitits.

But, Moist, you may say, you are pretty much a dick when writing about this show. Isn’t that the same thing as what Lukas did? Aren’t you contributing to the universal bad karma precipitation? Yes, you might think so if you thought I was serious about any of this. But, I’m just goofing around. And the batty banter I spew forth is a necessary release for those of us trying to deal with the likes of Lukas, who is trying to bring everybody down. Yes, I am saying that Lukas, and Lukas alone, is responsible for the living hell we are all enduring. But, I’m still kinda rooting for him, the little bugger. After he told everybody they sucked, he said he loved them. I wonder if his dad used to burn him with cigarettes and then let him finish the butt.

Instead of reviewing the mindless chat between Suave Porn and the rockers (it’s the same crap they always say), I now ask you to forget about that so we can add some positive power to balance out the negativity we’ve just experienced. Take a moment to think about somebody you care about that you haven’t seen in a while. Now, think about the giant smile they’ll have when xe receives The Rat’s Ass you send to xe. Yeah, that’s it. Live the dream. You are a good person.

One thing worth noting is that Lukas, who caused all this strife by originally asking Dana who she thought the bottom three would be, finally fessed up to tell us he thought it would be Chris, Dana and Jenny. Dave respected that – the venerable Lukas. As we’ll find out, Lukas is about as good as picking the bottom three as I am. Before we can spit out the toothpaste, Tommy Lee demanded an encore. Of course, he chose Dilana, because she threatened him with a rattlesnake in the parking lot after the show last night.

Dilana chose the same sociopathic, hooded, petrified mummy approach to her performance as she did last night. This time, her outfit came equipped with Grim Reaper sleeves, which she displayed for mating purposes in the second verse. That initiated Tommy Lee’s response behavior of dousing himself in urine. If they consummated, the footage didn’t make the show. Look for it on the Internet in a couple of weeks. Again, Dilana finished the song by scurrying manic all over the stage. She used the Curly Shuffle meets Jazzercise technique. I hope she’s got some other stage moves. It’s a little embarrassing. Dilana was thoroughly enthused by the end of the song, only to be squashed by Brooke, who seemed a little jealous of her energy, by saying, “It doesn’t mean you’re not it the bottom three, you pierced hell bitch!”

Everybody stand up for the bottom three boogie
It gets kinda scary, you may need your woogie
You better hope and pray you got the votes
Or you’ll be back on the farm milking goats

You sit down,
You stand up,
You sit down,
I’m a gonna throw up…

{guitar solo}

{fade to black}

Suave Porn’s first hit single – The Bottom Three Boogie.

The bottom three were Chris, Phil and Ryan, no, Zayra, no Matt. That crazy Brooke. She got me! What a cad!

They changed the elimination show from last year by allowing the death row rockers to choose their own songs. Darn, I was looking forward to hearing Mystify again. I think this is an improvement, since it allows Suave Porn to gage where these rockers are coming from musically.

First up was Chris. He entered the stage, fresh from the stylist with a new body wave in his hair (I liked it better than the straight hair, and yes, I might be). He chose LA Woman, by The Doors. This was a pretty safe choice, because Jim Morrison wasn’t the most dynamic singer in the world (sorry Kristy), and Doors songs are easier to sing than the warbling of Sting. Chris was able to find a groove with this song. His voice provided more energy than his body did. He was a little stoic on stage. But, he sounded good, although he could have been a little louder. He’s got a nice stature up there when he’s in his element. The spitting of the bottled water on the audience seemed choreographed, if not plain rude. He was safe.

Next, Brooke called Phil to the stage, who proceed to molest her. He had gone to the same stylist as Chris, and his wavy locks gave him man-confidence. She gave him a “get your geeky, dejected hands off me” glance as they switched the camera to Suave Porn for their comments. When the shot returned to the stage, Phil had his hands to himself and a black eye.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m old and he was mumbling, so I don’t know what song he did. He sounded better than he did last night with Cult of Personality, which he claims he didn’t suck at. That’s good, and Gibly agreed, but there are a lot of people that don’t suck, Phil. You want to strive to be the best don’t sucker. You should have told Suave Porn that. Tommy Lee would have understood it (more than he understands good English, anyway). Phil immersed himself in this song, but he was a little pouty, which is annoying. The bottom line is he is too wimpy for this band, but he performed well enough to stick around for another week. I will give him credit for a decent scream at the end of the song. And he made another play at Brooke, giving her a nose jab in the cheek. You dog, Phil. YOU DOG!

Finally, Matt doused himself with gasoline and lit a Duran Duran match. They discussed his weenie song choice from last night, although Jason dug it. But, Suave Porn demanded some meat. Some good, hard pounding, rock and roll steak. I was pleading, Foghat, Foghat, Foghat, Foghat, it’s your calling, Matt. Summon the spirit of Lonesome Dave, Foghat DAGNABBIT! A little I Just Wanna Make Love To You would have fed their rockin’ hunger. My begging was futile. Luckily, he chose the next best thing when asked to get heavy – Duran Duran. I have all of their cd’s and they are all filed in the Death Metal section of my catalog, of course. It didn’t matter. He can’t bring the rock. This boy does not have the pipes to deliver what Suave Porn needs. He pretty much blows. Bop bop bop bop ba bop bop bop bop ba bop bop bop bop ba bye. And to think, I picked him to win it all in the preseason. I must be a moron.

So, Tommy pulled out his axe and lopped off Matt. He is not Fricken Huge for our band, Suave Porn. On his way out, Matt claimed that the members of Suave Porn were his heroes growing up and that he had all of them on his wall. I guess the poster of Duran Duran was just a little bigger. I am ashamed that he claims to be from Chicago. Marty must be rolling over in his bus bunk screaming, “Give me my shoes back!!!”

It appears that Chris may have salvaged himself from the Roxanne debacle (but I liked it, sort of), and Phil saved himself to flop his arms around on stage next week. If Chris loosens up a little, he may have a shot. One disconcerting observation, however, was the site of Dilana crying when Matt got aborted. So which is it, are you a screeching, ass kicking, metal babe, or a frail flower petal cowering behind a hood? Suave Porn should take note of this behavior. Are they prepared to cope with such bipolarism? If they are all typical males, I would say not.


Sid F'er said...

“It doesn’t mean you’re not it the bottom three, you pierced hell bitch!”

And you're crackin' me up, Sam.

chimon said...

moist, can I call you moist?

Words of advice-- take a slow ride, take it easy. You'll feel better.

Sid F'er said...

I think Foghat just played Rib Fest at Naperville last weekend, but I had already commited to feting Captain Break It.

del said...

I don't know what your problem is with the first female Sith Lord. If you'd just give yourself over to the force, you might find you like it.

keysunset said...

death row rockers to choose their own songs

I agree, this will let Suave Porn see where these rockers are coming from. But wait, didn't they already have a clue about that? I mean, Tommy's got a college education and all, surely they have one brain cell left to share between them, ... don't they?

LOL, you and Sid are cracking me up over this. I'm glad I just read the blog instead of watching the show. I had, ah, other music to go listen to ... ;-D

Anonymous said...

Damn you *shakes fist*!!!!

: ) Kristy

p.s. I Just Wanna Make Love To You is Bad Company or wait, is that Feel Like Making Love.....anyway what I'm trying to say is nice bells!

Anonymous said...

"Female Sith Lord..." That was a good one, Del. She did sound less like Phyllis Diller in the encore than on the original.

I think it was brilliant of you, Moist, to guess the first one gone as your "gonna win it all" guy. Takes all of the pressure off of you for the rest of the season!

HR said...

Oh, that was me... I got distracted trying to pronounce the word verification word.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe he is suffering from some Napoleonitits."

Thanks - I was wondering what was going on with his face...