Friday, March 21, 2008

Cleaning Out The Gutters

One of my doctors gave me a green St. Patrick’s Day sticker for my shirt on Monday (since I was wearing mauve), and I felt like a little kid that was being rewarded for being so brave. I hope it doesn't show up on my bill.

Hitting the goalie’s water bottle when you score is not only one of the coolest things you can do in hockey, but in all of sports. I bet there was something equally as cool in the old Aztec games of tlachtli, but I don't know any old Aztecs to ask.

For some reason this all reminded me of jai alai and I learned this from Wickipedia:
"Jai alai" (or just one of the words) appears frequently in crossword puzzles due to the high recurrence of vowels in its name. In a roughly ten-year survey of the New York Times daily crossword puzzle, "Jai ___" (for ALAI) was found to be the single most common clue-and-answer pair, appearing 39 times exactly the same way.

I haven’t seen Juno yet, but I did see Ellen Page on SNL and she immediately vaulted into my Top Five Most Annoying People list. I don’t even have such a list, but she was so annoying she made it easy to pretend that I did. She doesn't seem so annoying in the movie trailers, so perhaps she is a remarkable actress and should have won the Oscar. I knew I should have returned the application to The Academy that they sent me.

I’ve never had a stuffed crust pizza. I’m not planning to, either. And you can’t make me.

Happy First Day of Spring!

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John said...

good call on the goalie water bottle thing! it's cool that it's actually in the field of play. see also my post about how i dig how little time is lost between when a team scores a goal and when they drop the puck again. go wings!