Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stop. It. Now.

Okay, I don’t do it often but it’s time for me to issue an edict.

Enough with putting a period after each word of a sentence for emphasis. Worst. Trend. Ever. You know what I’m talking about. It’s. Fucking. Everywhere. I never liked it to begin with and now it seems as if it’s getting to be as common as the lead paint on my Jonas Brothers action figures. Best. Band. Ever. (Be sure to say hello to the Hudson Brothers when you’re inducted into the Forgotten Brother Acts Wax Museum in Sandusky, Ohio ten years from now.) But I digress.

Please... Knock. It. Off.


Moist Rub said...

I. h.o.p.e. n.o.b.o.d.y. g.e.t.s. c.a.r.r.i.e.d. a.w.a.y. w.i.t.h. u.s.i.n.g. e.v.e.n. m.o.r.e. o.f. t.h.e.m.

HR said...

I'm staggerd by the audacity of having a hit counter.

keysunset said...

I'm swearing off periods, period!!

And I mean it too!!!!!

del said...

Yes, too many periods suck!!!!!!!!! On the otherhand, exclamation points, just make a point!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I right?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

ll said...

I. <3. Grumpy. Sid.





gina said...

I'm glan nobody has found out the magical qualities of the tilde yet.

Jen said...