Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Eggs-cavation Required

Easter Egg Hunt. Yeah, right. Why not call it what it is – a Don’t Trip Over All The Brightly Colored Eggs In The Well-Manicured Field And Hurt Yourself. Where’s the challenge? I had a harder time finding Waldo in the bleachers at this so-called event.

Good thing kids are dumb. If they were smart, they’d realize they’re doing a shitload of work for some lousy jelly beans and seeking approval from a guy in a giant bunny suit. If they like picking up crap so much why not turn them loose on the side of the highway and help stop Chief Iron Eyes Cody from crying.

Hope your Easter was swell. Now show me some love and pass the leftover ham.


gina said...

It is a good thing kids are dumb.

I never realized that before.

keysunset said...

Re: your photo of the guy seeking approval from a guy in a giant bunny suit 'cause that's about the only place he's getting approval these days.

Mmmmm, leftover ham flavoring up a pot of pinto beans .....

Anonymous said...

I think someone's bitter cause they didnt get an easter basket this year.
Leper Lurker

tiny said...

Are all Easter Bunny suits that sexually ambiguous? Alert the pope, stat.