Friday, March 28, 2008

Scary As Elle

So out of fear of inviting another conversation by wearing a hat with any sort of logo or meaning or brand or gang colors, I switched to my generic all black handmade knit cap this week. Today I was wearing my hiking boots, army green cargo pants, and black sweater, and as I put on my black knit cap to leave the office, a girl told me I looked like I was going to rob a bank. I was going for the longshoreman look, but I guess bank robber is pretty cool, too. I related the story to the Mrs. when I got home and she said, “Well, you do sort of look like a burglar.” I think the look works for me. I’m never changing my clothes again.

On another subject, I was exchanging emails with Moist Rub earlier today and let him know that I had an anteater in my pants. As soon as I hit send, I was filled with regret. I should have said “trousers” instead of “pants”. Much funnier. Anyone can say that they have an anteater in their pants, but when you tell someone that you have an anteater in your trousers… now that’s comedy.

But it did get me thinking – people don’t use the word “trousers” much anymore. Well, I’m bringing it back. Pants is overdone. Slacks is too old-man (and it makes the Mrs. cringe). But trousers… classic. I would also like everyone to start talking like they did in those old-time gangster movies, but we’ll start with "trousers" and see how it goes.


keysunset said...

Cool look. Hope I don't meet you in any darkened alleyways, you might scare me so that I'd drop my trousers.

BTW I didn't wear any trousers today.

HR said...

What were people smoking that their voices sounded like that?