Thursday, March 13, 2008

Locked Out In My Pants

I called my company's Help Desk because I was locked out of one of our systems. All I wanted them to do was unlock my login account so I could continue to use the same password. The woman at the Help Desk could not figure out how to unlock the account, but said she could reset it using the same password. So she asked me what my password was.

I said, "inmypants."

She said, "Gross."

How would she know? I've never even met her. She's two thousand miles away from me. As it turned out, she was unable to reset it using the same password, either. So, she asked me what I wanted my new password to be.

I said, "eatme."

She said, "That's not enough characters."

So I told her to use "riboflavin" instead.


limbomatic said...

As soon as I read "In My Pants" I knew straight away, that it was none other than the one and only, Moisterrific Rub.

keysunset said...

Rib O'Flavin? Is he an Irish cousin of yours M. Rub?

ll said...

Funny, I honestly thought this was all Sid.

You fooled me, you OCD bastard!!!

Oh wait. That's right. You're not Sid...