Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Derf 'til You Puke

I was reading something the other day – I don’t remember what, exactly, maybe an obituary writing manual – and I came across the word “underfed”. It looked strange to me, as if it should be pronounced “un-derft” instead of “un-der-fed”. I thought, “un-derfed” should be its own word, as in undoing an act of derfing. For all I know, it is an official word. So I looked it up in the dictionary. To my surprise, underfed was in there! Its definition is to have fed insufficiently. This leads me to believe that, in turn, “to derf” is to feed sufficiently. I plan to derf myself on a nice steak dinner tonight to celebrate my new knowledge.


interleper said...

Would 'over derf' mean 'to feed too much', or would it still refer to those little appetizers that you serve with cocktails?

p.s. I like your illustration. It looks like you swallowed a butt, and punched yourself in your own nose.

John said...

i wouldn't make a very good bulimic person - i hate to throw up.

ll said...

What's up with the feather? Has he just finished butchering, plucking, and feeding on a chicken too?

keysunset said...

punched yourself in your own nose. I thought it looked more liked he'd been forked.

There's a nice word too. Use it in a sentence, "Oh man, I derfed 'til I puked! I'm so forked."