Sunday, March 16, 2008

Discovery Channel and a Cool Buzz and I'm Fine

I’m not sure exactly when it started, but now when we spend our wild Friday and Saturday nights watching those mystery diagnosis type shows on Discovery Health I’ll catch the Mrs. saying stuff like, “Well, the lycopene deficiency and the loss of motility in the knutsen valve are obviously indications of Mitterwald Syndrome, especially in a patient that ate hummus during recent travels in sub-Sahara region. He needs to order a CT of the lateral C7 and check the chem panel for the presence of scrubbing bubbles in the enzyme levels.” You know, stuff you hear them say on House.

But she still couldn’t cure my common cold a couple weeks ago. So how smart can she be?


keysunset said...

Are you actually quoting Mrs. F'er, or is that just your interpretation of what she's saying? Hmmmm?

I'll bet she's smarter than you think! ;-)

(sorry about your cold, tho. Hope you are all better.)

Gina said...

Sid, I think you and the Mrs. should have your own reality show on the Discovery Health channel.