Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sid's Fall Preview - Fridays

Numbers – Thought that this might be a long overdue show about bookies, but I was wrong. Gee, another crime show, except with the added excitement of mathematics. Surely inspiring kids everywhere to do both the even and odd numbered problems in their math books.

Bernie Mac – When this first came out Fox played incessantly looping promos throughout the football season showing Bernie sitting on the crapper and yelling at his kids or something. Who says they don’t make quality shows anymore?

What I Like About You – Great tune, good beat, easy to dance to, but I give the TV show of the same name a zero. I’ve never seen it, but if washed up 90210 stars are turning up there it can’t be good.

Supernanny – If this show is about Mary Poppins in a skinsuit and a cape fighting supervillians and cruising the town in some sort of flamethrowing NannyMobile with a hot little sidekick, then count me in. However, if it’s like that Nanny 911 show, then just drown me in cream gravy.

Malcolm in the Middle – I found Dewey fairly amusing the first couple seasons, but unlike the Simpsons, real life child actors age, not always well, and cast was not nearly as talented enough as the Bradys to pull it off and this show just got creepy really fast.

Hope & Faith – Unless Hope and Faith are the names of exotic dancers, not interested.

Reba – I once dated a girl that did a killer karaoke version of Fancy. That’s a famous Reba song in case you’re as ignorant as I am about country music. It has a positive message that if you happen to be a poor chick without any money, you should blow your life savings on a party dress, get cleaned up and whore yourself out to rich guys so you can get a nice house in the ‘burbs and spend your days buying new shoes at the Galleria and not have to live in a shack like your barefoot momma.

Living With Fran – Never heard of it, but I see that “Fran” is none other than Fran Drescher. Unless she’s a mute superhero nanny like the crime-fighting Mary Poppins I described above and only communicates with a horn like Harpo Marx, I’d rather spend my Friday nights bowling with Geraldo Rivera.

Returning Mid Season:
Less Than Perfect – No kidding. Friday nights are so lame I can’t even muster up the inspiration to properly bust their balls. I guess that means we should all be out at happy hour or ballroom dancing or something. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, YOU can't inspired to make ascerbic comments?!

Friday nights at our house are usually "Family Movie Night" so we forgo network tv altogether. And "movie" is loosely defined as anything from a Movie like "The Incredibles" (which we now own on DVD) to old tv shows (Addams Family) to old and new cartoons (Looney Tunes, SpongeBob)to camcorder video of our five-year-old and buds at their dance camp recital (absolutely hilarious in fast forward! Even our ten-year- old said watching it on film was better than watching it live). Our taste in music and video viewing are eclectic.

Keep the comments coming, Sid, you really help make my day!

Sid F'er said...

I'll probably cover it next week on a review of cable, but if we must have the TV on Friday nights we hit the Discovery Channel for the medical gore shows. Goes well with the traditional Friday night homemade pizza.

That scene with Elastigirl in the water still gets me hot.

"Acerbic" - well done. Major points for usage, but a small deduction for spelling. Kind of like pulling off a triple lindy with only a few degrees off from a perfectly perpendicular entry.

keysunset said...

"acerbic" Shoot, I knew I'd posted a comment too early in the day - i.e., not enough caffeine. Do I have to go write it ten times in cursive now?

I didn't even sign the post right. That
"Anonymous" is none other than - keysunset!

I love it in that scene where Elastigirl turns herself into a boat!

Jules said...

Sid, you need to sell your Supernanny idea to some kids' Saturday morning cartoon network. You will get RICH. That's why you are the Leper and we are merely your adoring disciples.

Anonymous said...

Sid Moist ... Moist Sid ... Time magazine cover ... Bipolars & Blogging ... well something like that except clever and funny ... And message boards and moderators ... At least you guys ignore instead of spanking and making us feel even crazier than we already feel ...

Do Bill Bennett for us and make us laugh and forget and remember to remember and forget.

It's amusing kind of think that you two are writing about what you say you are. It's creepy to go back into collapsed comments and realize that most of the anonymous comments are actually you (I mean me) and that in fact you were blacking out 48 hours ago and just came this morning.

I'm all about the Bill Bennett thing now and mispell his name incorrectly on purpose.

We need you both now more than ever and feel you are right for your head.

mehgs said...

Movie reviews would be awesome if you can't think of something else to write about.

Please do Almost Famous. I'll be your best friend.

Devious D said...

Diggin' the grammar grousing. Way to police.

(You never know, the D could be for dele.)