Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rock Star - Day 2

My top three of the night (order of performance): Heather, Jordis, JD
Three to send home: Suzie, Wil, Jess, but especially Wil
Details in order of performance:
Heather - Somebody to Love - Way cool and great vocals, say no more, rock on, babe.
Marty - Take Me Out - The only one to take on a modern rock track and as they said he "pulled it off". Wife had some doubts, but I think it's just because she likes the original so much. I think she started to come around - "it's just crazy and spastic enough to work".
Daphna - People Are Strange - Nice job and I still think she's hot even if Moist Rub thinks she has Juan Hugh Jass. She'll move up again with the right song.
Suzie - Call Me - No, we won't, wench.
Brandon - Hard to Handle - Another generic song/performance and over enthusiasm on the sidelines while the others are performing. And put on some shoes, Joe Jackson.
Jordis - Heart Shaped Box - I said they overrated her last night. They didn't. I suck. She rocks.
Mig - All Day & All of the Night - I don't know, I just don't like him.
Deanna - Stay or Go - Still throwing down a bad look and ruined the song for me. They seem to dig her but she would fit better in some house band at a blues bar.
Wil - Right Here, Right Now - Tonight's WTF was that award. My head hurts too much trying to figure out if the band sucked, he sucked, or they both sucked. Send pretty boy home. Even the wife couldn't get past that mess.
Jess - Want You to Want Me - Weak voice, silly dancing, and I've already grown tired of your low riders.
Tara - Takin' It Easy - I still don't what to think of her, so we'll continue to let her slide on her love of hockey and Zeppelin.
Neal - Fortunate Son - Is he supposed to be Mick or Axl? Either way, he sucks. Pull up your pants and go home.
Ty - Heartbreaker - I admit it was a decent performance, but I still think he's a major league pretender.
JD - CA Dreaming - I'm with the band. Nice turnaround. Went from dickweed to contender in one night, but still has something to prove.

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