Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rock Star - Tuesday, July 19

Brook looked OK again, and as for Dave, to quote the wife, "what a friggin idiot."
Now to the performances:
Marty - What I Like About You - Did you notice he's been first or second every night? How do they decide that? Is that good or bad for him? Thought it was a solid performance. I know he likes climbing stuff, but not sure it was the right song or enough time to go exploring tonight. Band mentioned his good stage presence and it's hard to disagree. Seems to have a good rapport with the band. His hair looked like he combed it with dynamite, so I'd recommend some product to control the frizz. But now I'm just getting picky.
Daphna - Hate Myself For Loving You - Nice to see her face, but she's still applying the eye shadow with a leaf blower. Wife says she looks like Jennifer Beales. I like her look and think it fits the band perfectly; however, I'm less impressed with her voice each week while others seem to be improving. And I don't like the way she "stalks" the stage like Elmer Fudd.
Ty - Somebody Told Me - The bookies have this guy as the heavy favorite to win and everyone seems to like his performances, but I'm still not on board. He's still too god damned polished for the band. Also a little too enamored of his own body. The guy at the gym that flexes in front of the mirror after every set. And I think their band, INXS, is starting to realize all that now. I'll take the field for $100. However, I will give him some extra credit for taking on the modern rock track like Marty did last week.
Suzie - Roxanne - Damn this woman. I didn't like her from the start and there's no crying in rock n' roll, but I can't deny that I thought she delivered another great vocal performance. When I heard the song she selected I didn't think she would pull it off. Still not sure she's right for the band, INXS, but I think she again earned the right to stick around a while longer.
Mig - Walk This Way - Our favorite waif got through the lyrics, but I think the focus on remembering the words took a little away from the overall performance. Not too bad, though, and he's not as annoying as I originally thought. He'll stay after surviving the drama he created for himself.
Neal - Summer of 69 - Tonight's WTF award. And he was clueless when talking to the band. It appears that he just tries to impersonate rock stars, which would be OK if this was SNL. But it's not and he sounded like that guy at the karaoke bar that decides to do some Loverboy after a few too many shots of tequila. "If it's like beer, we'll have some. Three tequilas."
Heather - Only Rock and Roll - Another solid vocal. Dig her look and think she's got great control of her vocals and some range. But as Moist Rub pointed out early, she just doesn't seem comfortable up there. I don't know if you can learn that or if it will improve, but I hope that doesn't hold her back. Especially frustrating since she appears to have self-confidence and seems comfortable talking to the band. Maybe she needs to hang with Jordis.
JD - Hand In My Pocket - He could be for real. Seemed to tone down his antics this week but still demanded attention. First week that he didn't seem like he was ready to lose control at any moment. Sorry, Moist Rub, still haven't noticed anything annoying about the voice. But then instead of quitting while he was ahead, he had to open his goddam mouth with his comments about how he was the genuine deal. In ten seconds, he painted a big target on his back and handed out poison tip lawn darts to the other contestants. I'm sure the band, INXS, wasn't impressed with that very unimpressive PR move. However, he's probably got enough fans to save his ass this week and they'll see if he can learn some tact now.
Tara - Paranoid - She's the one that should have changed the arrangement and tried to make it her own. She didn't have the power or timing to impersonate Sabbath, and the crotch shots weren't enough to distract from that. That being said, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
Deanna - One I Love - As I predicted, she struggled but didn't totally tank. Nice to hear the band tell her that she ruined the song. She'll probably ruin some of their songs if she wins, so she won't. That voice makes every song sound the same. Find yourself a nice blues band and you can rule the local scene back wherever you're from.
Jordis - Reason is You - I have to agree with Dave that the song blows. But she did a nice job with it and remains a top contender. She probably knew the song blows, too, but didn't force it. She lets the game come to her. She looks totally at ease and comfortable up there, which is even more impressive being the youngest contestant. The discussion came up earlier if she's possibly too good for the band, but I don't think so anymore. She can tone it down and fit in or take center stage when she needs to. And she's part Tongan.
Jess - Purple Haze - She looks like she's auditioning for the Mickey Mouse club or the new Saved by the Bell, even when she's trying to rock out to Hendrix. I just don't hear much character in her voice and the performances seem forced. And I think the band, INXS, almost made her cry.
Brandon - Sweet Home Alabama - One word for this guy - spare. And the homeless Vietnam vet look was only a half step better than the Daniel Boone outfit from the night before.

So, my favorites (in order of performance): Marty, Suzie, Heather, JD, Jordis
Unimpressed: Neal, Tara, Deanna, Jess, Brandon
All others just in a holding pattern.

Predicted bottom three: Neal, Tara, Jess

Gotta go: I'd like to see Neal leave after that mess, but I think we might have to say goodbye to Jess. She obviously isn't right for their band, INXS.

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