Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rock Star - Wednesday, July 20

OK, excuse the late posting, but we were notified of a death in the family during Neal's performance and I can't be too sure that he wasn't somewhat responsible with that pathetic performance.

OK, so JD is a pud. The band says that their decision is based on what happens on that stage. BS. You don't want to invite a dickweed into your band and have to share your jet with him. But you do want a dickweed on your reality show to keep the viewers interested between all the group hugs.

The band agreed with me that Suzie and JD were tops, but I still think everybody gave Mig a little too much credit for getting some lyrics right. For those that didn't notice, I'll point out that I correctly picked the bottom three - Neal, Jess and Tara. Real tough. On with the show....

Neal - Suicide Blonde - Fitting song as he we watched him commit vocal suicide right before our very eyes. Like the band said, nice use of the stage, especially the exit stage right part.

Tara - Mystify - One of my INXS faves. She did a nice generic rendition without any distracting stage presence, mixed in some bad white guy dance floor moves, and needs to fire her wardrobe consultant or find one if she doesn't have one. That being said, she can stay another week since she isn't hurting anything. Particularly the other contestants chances of winning.

Jess - Don't Change - Not that Tara had anything to worry about after Neal's performance, but I did notice her smiling after seeing that the crap Jess was throwing against the wall wasn't sticking. No voice, no moves, no charisma. The only way she can survive is if she drops the waistline down another 5 inches and I think the censors already nixed that idea. After a few more attempts at a legit show biz career, she'll probably end up hosting one of those softcore porn shows on cable.

Prior to the show, I expected Jess to be gone. I figured Tara would coast, and Neal and Jess would suck equally. Neal would get the edge based purely on his look, as there is no way in my wildest imagination that I can picture Jess as the lead singer of their band, INXS. I never expected Neal to suck so bad that Jess would be the better option. When the band said the hardest part is to choose one, I think we all know that they really meant both their asses should have been kicked to the curb. They said they looked forward to watching his future career, blah, blah, blah. The only time they might cross paths with his future career is if they see him loading luggage into the cargo hold of their private jet.

Can the band vote Dave off the show next week? I don't think that he's right for their show Rock Star, INXS.

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keysunset said...

Excuse the late commenting (Jan. 7, 2006)but I'm still meandering around the blog.

But, the comment that I wanted to make, in all seriousness, was to express sympathy to Sid for the death in the family.

We had a death in the family right after Thanksgiving last year and it still feels like I've been kicked in the stomach when I think about it.