Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rock Star - Day 3

I had the pleasure of watching the show with Nep. I,too, liked the way Brook looked, and I, too, am notmuch a fan of hers. I liked what she did with herhair; Nep didn't. I believe he likes it better whencurling ironed.

Dave - whatever. Never liked himfrom the get go, and it feels like he's reaching whenproviding "advice".

JD - that pissed me off (the fact that I'm lettingthings that happen on this show piss me off pisses meoff. I'm gonna pound Marty for doing this to me.). Ididn't need to see that again. I don't like hisvoice. I mean, he can sing, but he's got some kind ofgutteral thing going that bugs me. And knock off thehopping. What's with all the hopping? Stop thehopping.

I don't think Suzie, wench as she may be, should havebeen in the final three in the first place. Sheactually does have a decent voice. It's not myfavorite voice, but it's good enough to keep her in itfor a while. I agree, she did start out the song alittle rough, but caught up. That seems to be herstyle - as if it takes her a little while to get intothe song. That's probably not a good thing.

Tara had that pajama top on. She looked like she waspregnant. Darren must have made a stop at themansion. I think the only reason she was "voted" inas the bottom three is because she doesn't make animpression, good or bad, on anybody. So, nobody votedfor her as their favorite. They should have thepublic vote for who sucks, not for who is theirfavorite. If that were the case, I don't think shewould have been in the bottom three. She can sing,but doesn't have anything special about her voice. She reminds me a little bit, just a little bit, ofShirley Manson of Garbage in her stage presence, butnot quite as slutty (although I think she was goingfor slutty with that shirt, but couldn't pull it off).She's done nothing to change my existing assessment -she's filler until all the crap is weeded out.

Wil - there may be a god after all, he should havebeen gone and now he is. I wanted to punch himthrough my tv screen. I can't even believe chicksthink he's that cute. He's got that stupid littlesmirk (maybe I need to get a smirk instead of an uglyfat head). At least this tells me INXS doesn't havetheir heads totally up their collective asses. Hopefully they pull their heads all the way out beforethey hire JD.

I think Jessica should be the next to go. Sheprobably got votes from losers who want to do her(that's why I voted for her).


Sid F'er said...

Guess we agree on most stuff then. Except I don't mind the hopping. A
little pogo dancing isn't bad on the right songs. I'll have to pay more
attention to JD's voice because I have noticed anything wrong yet.
I don't want to do Jess, and I don't like the looks of Suzie.
Shirley was on Dave the other night (and I liked the song they did), so I can see the comparison to Tara a little myself, but INXS isn't Garbage so that ain't
gonna fly now.
I noticed Mig is also guilty of overenthusiasm on the sidelines. The band seems pretty laid back and don't know if they want someone that's always spazzin' out. Act like you belong there and you're not in the front row at an N'Sync concert. I think Marty has that aspect nailed as well. Kind of
mimicking the band, not sure whether natural or on purpose, but it fits.

Oh, and that crying at the end by Suzie pissed me off. There's no crying in rock n' roll unless you get kicked in the balls. Or the vagina.

Moist Rub said...

A little hopping is ok, but he did too much and I'm betting he resorts to that on every song he does with a beat to support it. That's just my speculation. Marty even does it sometimes. I just think JD is an
assmunch, so every little think he does is probably going to bother me. If I'm in the band, I don't want no assmunch as my frontman. His voice has a thing, I'm tellin' ya.

I'm not hot for Jess either (I didn't really vote for her, that was a hilarity), but I wouldn't kick her outof bed (not until I've laced her face, anyway). Yeah, Suzie's looks are not optimal, and her ass looked
kinda big in those jeans last night. But, I'd probably stick it in her if I had to.

I noticed that about MIG, too. He and Brandon should put on some cheerleader outfits while the others are performing. I think Brandon actually believes his own bullshit. Remember what George Castanza said, "It's not a lie if you believe it to be true."

As far as I can tell, Marty is upholding the integrity of his normal stage personna. That's how you gotta do it. If you are a rocker, you gotta rock your own way and hope that it fits with the band. If not, say thank you for the consideration and move on. If you
are an actor, go ahead and try to act like how you think the band wants you to be - maybe you can fool them, but probably not. Marty is a rocker, not an actor.