Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rock Star - Monday, July 18

When Dave made that comment to the group about why he is dressed like an asshole, somebody should have something about "what makes today any different from the rest of the time we've been here?" Rock is not about fashion style. If you can rock, you don't need to dress it up with fashion. All you need is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or whatever you feel comfortable in. If you're trying to dress up to fit the part, then you don't "fit the part" and don't belong there. Same thing goes for being cool - if you're TRYING to look or be cool, that's the most uncool thing you can do. Jordis scored big points with me when she scoffed at the whole "dress up" thing. That's the way to do it, baby. Even though I think JD is a pud, he's got the right "fashion" attitude, was well.

Seems to me, Brandon is trying too hard to cover himself in some sort of image to disguise his actual lack of talent. He will be exposed soon and won't last much longer, especially after what Farris said about his look. The whole fashion perspective is just filler. I don't think it really matters. Just some production person's idea to add to the show. What if I don't want to sing along with Sweet Home Alabama? Somebody should start spitting on him when he conducts the sing alongs.

Suzie has now surpassed Daphna as the leader of the tears category. However, Daphna's tears were about somebody else, which is more acceptable. Suzie's tears are self-shed, a sure sign of selfishness and not a favorable characteristic of somebody that supposedly wants to be part of a band. She should just leave now. You have to be a real laid back chick to be able to front an existing all guy band. Suzie is too typical girlie and gets hung up too easily on adversity. I think only Jordis or Heather can do it (from what I've seen of their personalities, so far, which isn't much). Maybe Daphna.

As for the songs, I'm guessing at least one of the three people they showed having difficulty with their songs will surprise everbody and crank it out proper. My guess is Mig, since they showed him with Marty right at the end - to show his desparation (They are making quite an effort to portray Marty as the super-nice guy, which will create a dichotomous interest to his shockingly outgoing stage personna). That's the magic of production to create the drama. Tara sounds like that girl, Tia Carerre (or something like that), who was the lead singer in the first Wayne's World movie. In my book, that is not a good thing. She cannont rock. She can sing, but she cannot rock. INXS has to be looking for a singer that can appeal to the 20 somethings, and she's not the one. She should sing in radio commercials. Deanna looks like she's screwed, and I think their might be a sense in the group that they have to make the songs their own, because of what JD did. She just needs to go out there and sing it. If she tries to mess with it too much, and can't pull it off, she'll stick out like a bung stuffed thumb. There are still plenty of contestants - there's no need to get noticed yet, since there is more of a chance to get noticed for being crap.

Maybe JD will fall on his face. They are showing him taking control of the band like a pro. Is it real? What will be more interesting after they've given us this impression, if he pulls it off or it all comes crashing down on him? I vote for the latter, but that is probably due to my not liking his voice. Do you think INXS wants him or anybody else coming in and changing all of their songs? Especially some punk in the street? I don't think so.

As for tonight, I'm expecting a strong performance out of Marty, Mig, Jordis, Heather, Daphna, Ty and JD. Neal is going to fall short. Brandon will be generic, again. Suzie and Jessica will be weak. Deanna will be bad and Tara won't be saved by having a rockin' song. It will be Tara, Deanna and Neal (or Suzie or Jessica) in the elimination round tomorrow.


Sid F'er said...

OK, since you're putting your arse on the line and giving predictions before the show, I'll join you:

Thumbs up: Heather, JD, Daphna, Suzie, Jordis, Ty

Maintain: Marty, Brandon, Deanna

Thumbs down: Mig, Jess, Tara, Neal

Elimination Round: Mig, Jess, Tara

I don't know what his song is, but I just get a feeling that it might not be a good fit for Marty. Deanna has enough cred with the band to survive her song this week and Brandon will coast. The others have the potential to pull off good performances.

Moist Rub said...

I think Marty will again rock out and blow people away. Mig will indeed surprise.