Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rock Star - Day 2

Yes, Wil and Jess are the top two drops, but I'm undecided on the third between Suzie, Neal and JD. But Wil should be gone.

Heather - she's solid. Cool song and she cranked outbetter than Grace. Although, she looked a little loston stage. Just a little.
Marty - I think he kicked ass. Much better than lastnight. I don't even like that song. I think itshowed his versatility between singing regular andthen belting it out. And he seemed cool and relaxedin the after performance chat. I liked what the bandsaid about him being able to control the audience. However, I hope he doesn't do the "band conductor"move in every song.
Daphna - She did pretty well, but is too weird for theband. And she's too emotional. The band won't wantto deal with that. I know I wouldn't. But the bandwas right - she should show her face more (and get ridof the goofy eye make up).
Suzie - she bugged me a little and her nose is toopointy, and she started the song out kind of crappy,but finished it well. I was hoping that little skirtwould pop up over her ass.
Brandon - yes, generic performance. I mean, it wasn'tbad. I think he thinks he has more rock power than heactually does, and other people are believing it. Well, not me, pal.
Jordis - she is awesome. Maybe too awesome. Do youthink anybody would pay attention to the rest of theband if she were in it? I see some record guy givingher her own gig.
Mig - I do know. I just don't like him. Shit, if RayDavies can sing that song, how hard could it be?Deanna - she's got a hint of Cher in her voice thatbugs me. Her look doesn't bother me, but it doesn'thelp that she's married (not that that has anything todo with her performance). I think she did ok, butshould be weeded out shortly.
Wil - he has been exposed. He is bad. Unless theband is gay, he should be gone.
Jessica - yes, weak voice. Sometimes you can get awaywith a weak voice if it is distinctive, but hers isnot. She got praised for interacting with the band,but I think it was just a crutch because she didn'tknow what else to do. Go back to the bar gigs and getbanged by the drummer, like a good girl.
Tara - didn't do anything to piss me off (except singa country song) but didn't do anything worth noticing.She's just filler until her inevitable demise.
Neal - I think his range is limited. There were acouple of parts of that song where he needed to takehis voice to another level (texture-wise, power-wise,if you understand me), like Fogerty does, but hedidn't (couldn't) do it. His voice didn't portray thedisdain that song needs to communicate to beeffective. He thinks he has some kind of attitudething going on, but I'm not buying it. I just hopethe band doesn't buy it, either.
Ty - I don't know, this guy might be for real. Ireally like that song and I liked the way he did it. He didn't try to be Pat, and he pulled it off, anyway.Lose the mohawk and keep your shirt buttoned,however.
JD - Jag Dick. I don't like his voice. He lookedtentative up there, like he was consciously holdingback the spaz, like he could spaz out at any moment. Great, he arranged the song. Big whoop. It's onlybecause he couldn't sing it the way it's supposed tobe sung. Let's see what the band thinks when he wantsto change Need You Tonight into a polka. Havingsaid that, he probably is a contender.


Sid F'er said...

Just about dead on with most -
Heather doesn't appear as comfortable as a Marty, but should improve with each performance.
I was also going to comment on Marty's versatility, but held back after your concerns on his range.
Jordis - excellent points on being too good for them.
Neal - Made the same comment to the wife last night - he's not angry enough for the song he did.
Ty - I'm still not sold. His background is in Broadway and some lame-o soft rock band. Belongs on American Idol, not Rock Star. But he'll probably do well.
JD - Our biggest disagreement. Maybe I got suckered in. The potential train wreck factor also intrigues me as an observer, but probably not a good thing
if I'm looking for a lead singer.

Moist Rub said...

I was initially prejudice against Heather because I thought she was some kind of freak from her pictures on the web site(I am truly a white bread snob). But she's turning out to be one of my favorites. With
Marty, after the first show, I thought he would be one of the first 5 or 6 kicked out, but after last night's performance, I think he has a real chance. I agree with you on Ty being a better fit for Broadway, but I think he's really talented and I liked how he
performed Heartbreaker. I put Neal and JD in the same category: fucksticks. I don't think INXS wants to deal with fucksticks, unless they're just out to use and abuse whoever wins and throw them aside (which is probably what is going to happen when their forthcoming album is just as much as a flop as their other post-Hutchence albums). Even though I'm not big on him, Brandon may actually have a chance, at least
to last a while. I don't see him taking enough of a chance anywhere to screw himself up. Mig seems like his floundering. Good.

Your girl Daphna does have some ability, and I like her more than I've let on, but she really lost me when she started crying about her dad. Time and place, baby, time and place.

I want Jordis to come to my house and sing to me while I wash my socks in the sink.

I wish I would have taped the show last night. I'd like to watch Marty again. I wasn't expecting that from him. I was proud of him.