Monday, July 11, 2005

Rock Star - Day One

I don't know if I remember who everybody was, butDaphna (that's the one that was crying about her dad,right?) is too weird for INXS and she's got a big ass.Yes, Suze was portrayed as a bitch and she messed up, but I thoughther voice was pretty good. I agree, the chick thatgot kicked off was horrible. They probably put her inthere just so they'd have somebody to kick off thefirst day. I didn't like Marty's choice of song, butthinking back, it was probably the safe thing to do. A lot of them were trying to win the show with theirfirst performance. All they really had to do was tobe steady without doing anything to piss anybody off,which I think Marty accomplished.

Neal? That's the guy with the curly hair right? His effort seemed forced or contrived. I didn't buy it.
Brandon is a pud. Could he have picked an easier,more generic song to sing? Maybe he was thinkingalong the same line as Marty. Did you see him"jamming" with the accoustic? Pud.
Wil might have ashot if he "fits the suit". INXS has to appeal to theladies. Although, I've always liked them (and maybeI'm gay), they need their chick fans to be successful.And he may be the ticket.
The coffee chick didn'thave a very strong voice, but then again, neither didHutchence, so she may have a chance as long as theycan fix her up in the studio and keep showing herbelly, but she should try to keep her make-up on.
Heather has a good voice, but may be too"overwhelming" for the band to deal with (remember,the personalities have to fit, too. They won't beable to push her around and she may try to push themaround.)
I think Jordis may have the best overallvoice, but I don't think she "fits the suit".
Ty - seems talented, but, sadly, just a quota filler,maybe a poseur, I don't know for sure.
Deanna - I agree, but I'd like to put it in her.
Tara - don't recall much of her performance. Says itall.
Mig - something about him I just don't like. But, heseemed ok in his non-performance air time. All I'velearned is that he can't sing Nirvana. Can he singother stuff? Who knows?
JD - for some reason I think INXS may think they canteach him how to act on stage, and if they can, hecould be a strong candidate. Although, I don'tremember what his voice sounded like. But he may justbe too stupid.I think Marty has the look and the stage presence, andis laid back enough for the band to deal with, but hemay not have the vocal range.

I think Rugrat could take Dave Navarro in fight.


Sid F'er said...

Points well taken. I haven't gotten to the point of determining a best fit for the band yet, which I guess is the point of the show. Right now just trying to sort through the dickweeds and wenches.
I don't know Marty that well, but it seems like he's being himself and it's working for him. Almost like an independent observer trying not to get caught up in all the others BS. I think that works because the interviews they give him seem to be more insightful than just "it was like, wow, chocolate covered strawberries!" Maybe I'm biased,
but it's the impression I get.
You figure they need to keep some dickweeds like Ty and JD around just to keep the show "interesting" even if they suck.
I couldn't tell if which one was crying - Daphna or Tara. I was hoping it wasn't Daphna.
I also noticed "Should I Stay or Should I Go" on the song list for tonight which just happens to be my karaoke song of choice. Most recently performed at Lucky O'Grady's Pub in Philadelphia in April. I'll have to give extra
credit to whoever chooses it
if they pull it off.
Now I'm thinking Wil might have a good shot. You have a good point about the ladies. Furthermore, there's a lot of rocker types
and INXS isn't truly a rocker band. Need some reserve up there as well.

Moist Rub said...

I hope Marty doesn't get stuck with something he can't sing. One night at the Valley I was drinking with him and he kept pestering me that I should come up on stage with the band sometime to jam. I told him I
can't play any songs. He told me to just learn one song really good and do it. I said I can pretty much play "Rock n Roll" all the way through, but he said he couldn't sing that high. So I suggested we change the choreography so the midgets don't trod upon it.

Marty is very personable guy, but is generally quiet(unless he's whoopin' up, as we all can do at times, or when he's on stage). Typical Casey (except for Steve who is a jag off, but a little cooler than the rest. Yeah, he's being himself. But you never know what those editors will do with the footage. I just hope they don't cut him up to look like a wuss.

I'm pretty sure it was Daphna crying. She's a psycho. Although her voice sounded better during the sitting around the pool set than it did on stage. And she's got wide hips.

I don't like the way everybody on the show is so caring for each other already. They've only known these people for a day. Screw 'em. I wouldn't have hugged the loser chick. You sucked, good riddance.
Or when that chick started crying, I would have just gotten up to get another beer or gone to take a shit.


Should I Stay or Should I Go. Won't win any points with me, unless they do the Vince version. Brandon will do Hard to Handle by the Crowes. I saw it on the web site.

Marty should have done Paint It Black last night.