Friday, July 22, 2005

Rock Star Ranking - July 22

Twelve contestants remaining. Here is how I rank them, from best to worst. Best meaning who I would like to hear/see perform, as opposed to how they would fit with INXS or how I think they'll survive on the show.

1. Marty Casey
2. Jordis Unga
3. Heather Luttrell
4. Daphna Dove
5. Ty Taylor
6. MiG Ayesa
7. Suzie McNeil
8. Deanna Johnston
9. Brandon Calhoon
10. Tara Slone
11. Jessica Robinson
12. J.D. Fortune


Sid F'er said...

I think you're ranking Ty #5 just to piss me off. It's not, so there.

Whiskey A Go Go said...

Moist Rub - You are no Barry Gordy

Moist Rub said...

I was Barry Gordy for Halloween one year.