Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rock Star - Day 3

Finally, short show with very little to critique.
Not a huge Brook Burke fan, but thought she looked good tonight. Dave has already grown tiresome. They should have had a different celebrity judge/host each week. Who would you like to see?
JD - Yeah, I got suckered into his performance last night, but I didn't need to see it again.
Bottom three as voted on by the viewers: Wil, Suzie, and Tara.
My choices: Wil, Suzie, and Jess. I was close, but missed on Tara. Jess will be found out soon enough.
Performances to save their asses:
Tara - New Sensation - OK, she finally rocked a little but lacked any sort of meaningful stage presence. Not enough to get her kicked off, but can't see her going too far. Oh, and what was up with that outfit?
Wil - Need You Tonight - To quote the wife, "smokin' hot as long as he doesn't open his mouth". Unfortunately they're looking for a singer and not a boy toy (not that there's anything wrong with that). This is INXS and not a Calvin Klein commercial, so pack it up, Slappy.
Suzie - Never Tear Us Apart - Started out a little rough and I still don't like the wench, but recovered well and put up a decent performance. Earned the right to stay, but she's on a short leash with one of those choke collars and maybe one of those silly dog sweaters just to humiliate her.
Wil sent packing. The band was far too generous. He has no talent and isn't right for any band, except maybe a Spandau Ballet cover band that plays middle school dances. Unfortunately he showed the most charisma in his goodbye speech, which even annoyed me.

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