Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rock Star - Wednesday, July 20

Oooh, throw that drama about JD’s comments right out there for us to fret about. They certainly drew me in. I’m tired of saying that JD is a pud. The contestants and INXS shouldn’t have to read this blog to figure that out. OK, Brandon, Mr. Tough Guy, pull him close, whisper anger and disappointment to your "longtime buddy". Then kiss him. Big girlie kiss full on the lips. That’ll get him. Marty was rational about it, but I wish he would have just blew it off. However, I think they cut out the part of his statement when he said, "It doesn’t really matter, JD is a pud." That's not fair. I don’t remember what the others did or said about the ordeal. I don’t think most of the contestants were actually hurt by the comment, they were just going with the flow of the show - just like when one of my dogs thinks she hears something and runs to the window to investigate. The other dog will not have heard it, but will follow anyway and start barking first just to look like she knows what’s going on. Although, Mig seemed quite upset. I hope Brandon gave him a hug. Nice shot of Tara chewing her food at dinner. I wonder what else she can chew (I had to say it, or they’ll take my He-Man card away).

Somebody must have told Brooke that straight hair is the way to go. I think they are correct. Again, she held up her end of the deal by standing there and looking pretty. I wish I could do that.

Garry Beers (cool name - consequently, my favorite member of INXS) pretty much told everybody to shut the hell up and sing, god dammit! And, I think they edited his "JD is a pud" statement, too.

So, Suzie, Mig and JD got praise for their prior performances. I agree with two out of the three. Can you guess which pud, I mean singer, doesn’t belong?

Bring out the losers! Tara, Jessica and Neal. I predicted two out of three. I thought the public would roast Deanna because of Tuesday’s performance, but I didn’t think they should, even though they didn’t, but I didn’t know that yesterday, but I do now. If I could guess now who would be singled out in today’s show, I’d probably get it correct.

Neal - Suicide Blonde. The band wanted to make it easy on themselves. "Let’s give him a song he would never be able to pull off..." Well, it worked. Neal looked dejected from the get-go, like a little boy who got stuck playing Cinderella in the school play. He was horrible - just going through the motions in a lackluster death spiral. He was almost as bad as the moaner that got launched the first day. He was off key and I think he knew it, so he kept lifting up his shirt - "Look at my belly, don’t listen to me." Well, Neal, that strategy may have helped Jessica last this long, but I don’t think you have the kind of belly INXS wants to look at. I voted him off before I even heard the other two sing. Neal had no energy in his performance. In fact, I think he changed one of the lyrics to "I don’t want to be here". Neal’s voice seemed to get progressively worse from show to show. Nice fizzle.

Tara - Mystify. She sang this quite well, but still like a lounge singer. I don’t know what helped more: that she followed Neal’s catastrophe or that I like that song, like a lot, dude. The sound guy should have cranked up the piano some more; that’s the best part of the song. So, give her credit for not screwing up as bad as the other two. That’s all she had to do, for now. OK, I’ll be fair - she did a nice job with it. She may want to give Denny Tario a call to help her not look like the early stages of rigor mortis are setting in on stage. And maybe give Cher a call to see if she has any copies of her workout videos lying around to help her with the pudge in her mid-section. (But, I kinda liked her bangs.)

Jessica - Don’t Change. This is one of my favorite songs on their first album. When she began the song, I thought that maybe I would have to retract my Neal being ousted prediction. But, as it turned out, she can sing better than Neal (so can Joan Rivers, so it’s not saying much), and her belly was showing throughout the ENTIRE song, so she came in a close second-to-last. Her interaction with the band looked choreographed and mistimed, as she spent too much time with the guitar player and had to give the brush off to the bass player so she could get back to singing. The bass guys always get jipped, right Garry Beers? That’s probably all he could talk about in the band’s deliberation. Her moves on stage are pretty limited, too. She’ll do the swivel hip walk and then maybe squat down and shake her chest once in a while. Somebody should suggest that she employ the use of a pole on stage, as well (I think Sid might have already mentioned that). That might keep her on the show for a few more episodes. I can’t see her lasting very much longer.

So Neal got the shaft. What happened to the giant cod piece he sported after singing Summer of 69? He must have left it back at the mansion. I guess he grabbed some modesty instead. He had some warm well wishes for the other contestants. Seemed genuine to me. The worst part of it all for Neal was that Brandon kissed him on the cheek during the group grope of sympathy. That should provide motivation to the other performers not to get kicked off before Brandon does.

Did you see Brooke wave at me at the end of the show? Well, it wasn’t the very end - I missed the closing credits as I was distracted by an engaging program about Bob Newhart on PBS during the commercial. I hope I didn’t miss a good set up for the next show. Otherwise, I’ll be lost. I waved back. I hope she saw me.

Oh yeah, Dave Navarro was on the show, too.

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