Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rock Star - Aug 29 - Moist Rubson

I was busy being a parent tonight. I attended parent orientation at my son's high school, where I visited each of his classes according to his schedule. Luckily, each class session was only twelve minutes long, so I was able to stay awake for about two thirds of each, on average.

Here is a rundown of what I learned. His Music Theory teacher is laid back. He reminds me of a the music major that used to live in Leper House with us, Jud the Pud. Although, you can tell he's a little more partial to the "band kids", probably due to familiarity, than he is to the "garage band kids" in the class. My son would fall in the latter category. His Gym teacher is Vin Deisel from The Pacifier. He told us it's always his way - no highway option. Then a duck bit him in the ear. His Algebra teacher was sick so I hung out in the bathroom and smoked during that session. I thought about going to visit my son's guidance counselor during that time, but since I never met mine in high school, I'm not sure what they look like. The World History teacher had a hot body. You can tell she works out. I think she is a lesbian, because when I asked her out, she said, "I'm a lesbian." Next was his lunch period. Since all of the booster club cookies were gone, I spent those twelve minutes looking for books about Chester Arthur in the Media Center. I found some and smuggled them out in my pants. That's how Chester used to carry his books to school. His English teacher looks like Harpo Marx. I told my son that, to which he replied, "Who?" I said, "Your English teacher." Looks like I'm going to have to read Romeo and Juliet this year so I can help the son. There is no way in hell he's gonna understand it. Time to teach him about the wonderment of Cliff's Notes. Finally, I met his Physical Science teacher. She's a young one, and an alumna of the school, although she said she was an "alumni". I asked her if she had a mouse in her pocket. I told her I was also an alumnus, and she suggested that I was there way before she was. I thought that was rude. So I dragged her down the hall by her ear and showed her my name on the 1983 National Honor Society plaque in the hallway, and said, "don't mess with me, this proves that they thought I was smart." However, since she is kinda good looking, I asked her out, too. Also a lesbian. Imagine that.

Since I spent the evening campaiging for yet another Father of the Year award, I was unable to watch tonight's performance show. To cover for me, I instructed my son to blow off his homework, watch the show and blog like the wind. He is a good boy and did as daddy instructed. Below are his thoughts.


I wish I had Tommy Lee’s hat. It’s a good a rock n roll style hat. Dilana was not a very nice person this week. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. She said things that are wrong about everybody and thinking she is the best, and there is nothing wrong with her. She also should watch where she breaks things. She could have gotten Magni in the eye. Dilana doesn’t have to flip the camera off, either. That was very disrespectful to the fans. Everybody should get away from the drama and just sing, which is what they are supposed to do.

I am surprised Lukas didn’t bump into to anything with his eyes closed all the time. He did well except I would work on his yells and make them heavier. I thought Magni did great with I Alone. The way his yells went great with the song. Whenever he would scream his vein on his head looked like it would pop. Rafael, the guitar player, is awesome. When Tommy Lee said he wanted to see Magni go in the back of the crowd and Magni said he was going to but he didn’t, I’m pretty sure he was lying.

Ryan said that he could feel that he is going to win it. I feel that his feeling is wrong. I liked how Ryan made that slide on top of the piano. I am also going to agree with Gilby when he said to Ryan that he is changing all the time.

Storm say’d that she is much different from Zayra and Jill when singing Bring Me to Life. Of course she is because she is way better than both of them. There is not much to say but she was good.

It was cool how Toby brought the fans up on stage. It is good to get in touch with people. He did an outstanding performance. Dilana is very popular to a lot of people, but for some reason she is not a favorite of mine. She is still pretty good, though. I like her hair. I think it’s cool looking. At the end when she said that was a good song to get the anger out of her, I think that’s crap. You don’t need a song to let anger out. Just beat on something until you get tired. Or, just move on with life.


Sid F'er said...

Wow. Son Rub does a pretty good imitation of Pops.

Leper Hopeful said...

Moist Rubson - classic!
What a team. Taking the blogging world by Storm.

kc said...

You don’t need a song to let anger out. Just beat on something until you get tired. Or, just move on with life.

wise words there rubson.

Anonymous said...

sometimes you can beat on something so much that it gets raw and then you have to wait a few days to heal til you can resume beating. Just sayin'.

Great Job Son Rub.

del said...

Whenever he would scream his vein on his head looked like it would pop. I saw this too and had to look away when he was singing. And that's not something you want to make fans do.

I think the beating comment's been beaten to death so I'll let it go except to suggest that MR Sr. may have some cream that'll help, since carrying books in the pants may cause chaffing.

Excellent blog MR Jr. Please come by and type again.

keysunset said...

Well done! Thanks for blogging like the wind !

I feel that his feeling is wrong. Love that line! And totally agree ...

Thanks Moist Sr. for sharing Son's insights with us!

del said...

Is saying Jr. Rub is "A chip of the old blog" too corny?

bibi said...

"She also should watch where she breaks things."

Wise words, young grasshopper.

AMAI said...

It's so refreshing to see a youngster use "then" and "than" properly. Kudos!

Love that you rated the yelling. Why didn't you rate everyone's, though? I'd like to have heard your thoughts on all 6 of their yells. This show is nothing without a lot of yelling.

Thanks, Moist Rubson. Good job!

And thanks to Moist for that schlep back to high school. I don't recall my parents ever coming to parents day. They enrolled me, and left me to my own devices. Took a couple of years to find my footing, but in the end I graduated, so ... good luck at school, MR Jr!

leplov said...

I feel that his feeling is wrong.

Key is right - that is a GREAT line Rubson!! Excellent job!


Too bad you have this lesbian magnet. Must have been the books in your pants...

HR said...

You're a shoe-in for the FOTYA Moist. How many other dads got their kids to meaningfully interact with two different media using a third media?

AMAI said...

Either FOTYA or Media Ho of the Year. EVS. ;)