Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rock Star - Aug 9 Preview

LeperPop has learned some additional song selections for tonight's performance show:

From the mansion, we already know:
Ty - No Woman, No Cry - Note to self: plan bathroom break here so you don't miss any commercials.
JD - Crazy - I can't see this working, but need to stick around to see his new haircut.
Jess - Come As You Are - Word on the street is that she's having second thoughts about her choice. Rightfully so.
Marty - Mr. Brightside - No worries here, despite Moist Rub's paranoia.
Suzie - Losing My Religion - If she pulls this off, she might finally get herself out of my doghouse.

Late breaking:
MiG - All Right Now - He'll do fine, but needs a song that he can just bust out on. This one's too controlled.
Brandon - It's All Over Now - A perfect fit, so let's see what he can do with it.

No preview for Deanna or Jordis.

Bottom three - Jess, JD, Deanna. And in a surprising twist, Jess gets kicked off the show on the spot to save time from having to do an elimination show.

Top three - Brandon, Marty, Suzie.

Encore - Suzie - She'll impress the band with her take on REM and is due an encore.


mack the fork said...

Deanna: Long Train Runnin
Jordis: Layla

mack the fork said...

Samples are actually available at


if you are into spoilers

Sid F'er said...

Thank you to our special correspondent Mack.
By the way, never divulge your sources. Now you're expendable. Get my lunch, bitch, or you're fired.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they ever do any Oingo Boingo songs?

tallglassofmilk said...

JD does great, Deanna rocks the house, Marty takes a risk and showcases his voice with an acoustic version, Saint Jordis does ok with a boring, anyone could do song and MiG puts tons of energy into All Right Now.

Suzie and JD's arrangement of Losing My Religion works well for Suzie, but probably not well enough to keep her out of the bottom three.

Brandon is the cheesy man's Chris Robinson, he excels in the southern rock genre. and only that genre.

What the hell was Jessica thinking taking on a Nirvana song after Jordis blazed two? And her attitude leaves much to be desired.

My Predictions

Bottom three vote getters: Jessica, Brandon, Suzie

Encore: Ty

Sent packing: Jessica

Moist Rub said...

I don't think Jessica does much thinking at all. It's not an attitude - it's a bitchitude, dude.