Sunday, August 07, 2005

Marty's Video

For some ungodly reason, Marty's video of Arms Wide Open is not available on the msn web site. I think the drummer farted, loudly, during the performance, and they didn't know how to edit out. Since we're living in the age of political correctness and family values, CBS and MSN couldn't release it in good conscience. Good for them.

I don't have a conscience, and if I did, it would probably be wrong. So go here to view Marty's ass kicking version of that horrible Creed song.


Sid F'er said...

Two things I noticed - they cut to Kirk Pengilly during the song and he seemed to be thinking, "I want to do him." Then they cut to JD and he seemed to be thinking, "It's going to suck moving back into my car when I get kicked out of the mansion."

Sid F'er said...

Another note -
I have MP3's for most of the RS performances that I'v deemed worthy. Let me know if there's any you're interested in.