Wednesday, August 10, 2005

JD Accoustic "Mystify"

JD did an accoustic version of Mystify for some radio station. I must admit, he sounds very good doing it. Almost Michael Hutchence-like. There is no trace of that weird guttural sound for which his singing voice has been so infamous. If he can sing all INXS songs like this, maybe he should get the gig. Why has he been hiding this version of his voice? This doesn't sound anything like the effluvium he's been spouting on stage during the show.

Then again, I didn't actually see him sing this song. It may have been Merv Griffin singing in his stead.


Sid F'er said...

Here's a link for Never Tear Us Apart by JD & Suzie from the same acoustic session. Bump it to the post if you get a chance.

L A Ray said...

It was pretty cool. It was on the STAR 98.7 show in Los Angeles yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Merv Griffin is the elevator killer?