Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rock Star - Aug 24 Moist Rub

Welcome to a very special hour long edition of Leper Pop. This week Sid F’er misplaces a nun’s virginity, and then she becomes pope after a series of zany, irrelevant events.

They began the show by giving us a recap of last night’s performance show. Thanks for that, because I forgot what happened yesterday. Maybe they did that for the three new viewers tuning in tonight. Loyal viewers who missed yesterday’s show undoubtedly read about it here, at our blog, Leper Pop, so they didn’t need a recap. I can only conclude the producers ran out of ideas to fill up an entire hour, and Major League Baseball wouldn't license any highlights of the Tampa Bay/Cleveland game to show.

Suzie won the encore by default. She should be very proud of that. Her Start Me Up was good, but it was not sponge worthy. Everybody else had gotten an encore shot already and a number of them sucked yesterday, so there's your bone, Suzie. It’s like when you’re in school and you’re locked in a closet, and you find a half eaten sandwich. You think to yourself, "I wonder if this meat is kosher". Although you’re starving, you decide to smear the sandwich in the lining of your teacher’s coat and take a leak in her galoshes. Another reason INXS gave her the encore was they were hoping to defer her crying until the end of the show. It worked. Those guys know what they’re doing. She ended her encore with the lamest stage dive I’ve ever seen. It was more like a ‘stage-help-me-down-from-here-my-rheumatism-is-acting-up’. I think she did it just so somebody would feel her up. That’s why Bette Midler does it.

Next, they gave us some more peeks at what really happens in the mansion after a gig. JD was doing a crossword puzzle. MiG was ironing his hair. Deanna and Ty were playing Chinese jump rope. Jordis was digging out a tick from her arm with a butter knife. Suzie was licking the wall paper (the schnozberries taste like schnozberries), and Marty was doing butt slides down the railing of the staircase. Now we know how rockers live.

After that insight, INXS sat down and chatted with the Rockers across a room crowded with people. Pretty rude, if you ask me. They acted as if none of those other people were even there. Deanna expressed her discomfort with her perceived haunting of her comfort zone. Little does she know that what the INXS is actually referring to by the term "comfort zone" is them nestling their cute little heads in her chest. Kirk played it off like they were creating boundaries of challenge for all of them. She bought it. They always buy it when you are a rock star.

Marty told the band, as Elizabeth told Fred Sanford, this is how it is and this is how it’s always gonna be. Marty is a bridge builder. If they want Marty, the INXS should start building, too, because Marty is only going halfway. Marty is building his bridge so that the INXS can cross over into the new millennium. For this, the INXS respects Marty very much. Great mate. Can we grow back our mullets? Absolutely not. JD agreed with Marty, because he couldn’t understand the philosophy behind Marty’s statements, and the band seemed to concur, so JD went with it. JD is not a stupid idiot - just an idiot. Then JD gave the INXS his permission to make their own decision as to whom the new singer should be. The INXS was grateful because, until then, they were unsure of their role in this show. Before they could move on, the INXS got their ass licked by JD regarding the sovereignty of their back catalog. Way to work that in, JD.

Suzie joked about her status as the queen of the final three and donned her homemade hat. She is so cute. Speaking of cute, is it just me, or do I detect a hint of Christopher Walken in Andrew Farriss? They beat up Jordis for taking too much of a risk. Look, you mother fuckers, you just got done tearing Deanna a new asshole for staying in her comfort zone. What the fuck do you assholes want? - is what Jordis wanted to say, but she remained cordial and humble and promised to keep trying until she get’s kicked off for failing to overcome risks that she was haphazard enough to attempt in the first place.

They talked to MiG and Ty, too. It was very interesting, and it got real technical. I don’t want to bore you with the Biz jargon.

Brooke made everybody stand up, eventually, except Suzie, as she (supposedly) was at no time a member of the bottom three vote getters during the voting window. If she doesn’t win this thing, she should think about entering a career as a motivational speaker, as she is quite loquacious. Let me get this straight, in her own words, when you end up in the bottom three, it feels "bad". But if you are the only one who didn’t get into the bottom three, it feels "really good". Those are words to live by.

As it turns out, Ty, Deanna and Marty ended up in the bottom three, but I can’t talk about that right now. I’m facing a much more dire situation at home. During the commercial break, we were forced to watch, for the 80 billionth time, some wireless commercial featuring the Black Eyed Peas, who’s song used in the commercial is a clear rip off of Musical Youth’s 80's anthem, Pass the Duchie. My thirteen year old son had the gall to tell me, paraphrasing, "I don’t like rap that much, but I like the Black Eyed Peas new album." WHAT? I retorted, "Where have you been listening to that album!?" as if I was asking him where he got a bag of pot I found in his underwear drawer. "You know, on the radio and stuff," he tells me. "Not any radio I ever heard!" I sentenced him to his room with a Motorhead cd as penance. I thought I had him brainwashed. I mean, he just learned Iron Man on guitar all by himself, and I taught him the main riff of Sunshine of Your Love and everything. Damn. A father’s work is never done.

Ty: What You Need. I’ll tell you what you need. You need to pull it back a little bit. He was too over the top with this effort, which was probably due to him being over-emotional about being in the final three. That’s the kind of fall hubris will give ya if you’re not paying attention. With all of his heavy breathing and grunts, I thought he was turning into Tom Jones right there in front of me. I threw my panties at the TV (I only wear them on Wednesdays). He wasn’t sultry at all. He was fuming. I’m surprised the INXS didn’t pick up on that vibe. Then again, they aren’t as sensitive to the plight of the Rockers as I am. Their big question tonight was "How do you feel singing INXS songs?" Or, in other words, "why are our songs so awesome?" I’m not sure how Ty answered this because he was wimpering so much, but I think he took JD’s tongue and licked their ass with it.

Deanna: Elegantly Wasted. Half of the song sounded great. She had a rocking sass goin’ on there that I liked. Then other parts were back to her comfort zone (I’m just saying that to piss her off). It was a valiant effort. Dig the leather pants. Leather pants make me hot. And sweaty. And disgusting. The INXS, "So, why do you love us?" Deanna, "I like to rock hard and dance." The INXS, "What does that mean?" Deanna, "You guys are so awesome, please don’t give me the boot." The INXS, "Yes, we are and we’ll see, and don’t tell us what to do."

Marty: Don’t Change. He took off his coat. He was about to show the INXS what he’s been talkin’ about. His vocalization of this song reminded me of when the Lovehammers do that Eurythmics cover (Here Comes the Rain Again). On stage Marty looked like a man on a mission. He kept it subdued until toward the end when he let out a little bitty yelp scream. Then he edged it up at the end to show how the dance/groove/INXS thing can be Gregor-Mendeled into a successful hybrid of rock ‘n roll. His final utterance of "Don’t Change" was reminiscent of his final utterance of "...never again" at the end of Confusion on the L’Strange cd. As far as final utterances go, that is. Marty received quite an ovation from the crowd. In answer to the INXS question of the night, Marty replied, "Powerful". The INXS murmured to themselves, "Ooh, that’s good, quite right, yes, inDEED. That’s a capital idea." Somehow, for a moment they transformed themselves into British elite having tea.

Marty was the first to be sent back to the den. He gave the other two an extended hug, probably figuring it would be one of his last times to paw at Deanna. Ty continued to wimper while he and Deanna stood there together alone on the chopping block. Deanna got the axe, and rightly so. Her talent does not lie on the INXS map. Get yourself a new map. She was genuinely sad and was crying (Note to Suzie: that is how you should look when crying - sweet and vulnerable, not angst-ridden and pathetic). I felt bad for her and wished I could offer her my comfort zone in which to nestle. Cut to Suzie and her gushing. And MiG and his gushing. And Ty and his gushing. And Jordis and her gushing. Then there is JD and Marty sitting there sharing a joint - "Oh, is there something going on...?" This elimination episode has been brought to you by Kleenex and Puffs for those extra special sob-fest moments. On a serious note about sadness - I believe that sadness, unless brought about by self-pity, is quite a beautiful emotion because it is an extension of love, and without love, there would be no sadness. And, no matter how much pain of sadness you feel, there is an underlying layer of comfort in it due to the love that bred it. (I thought about ruining this touching moment by bringing up the "extension of love" in my pants, but I reconsidered.)


Sid F'er said...

That story about losing the nun's virginity -

1) I didn't f'ing lose it.
2) What are you thinking leaving Sid F'er in charge of a nun's virginity?

But seriously, didn't we see a play with that very same plot?

mack the fork said...

Rockin' recap, Moist.

Moist Rub said...

You didn't lose it. You merely misplaced it as part of the loveable farce.

Yes, we did see some play above a bar that had something to do with nuns and the pope, but I don't recall the exact plot line.

WTF Am I Doing Here? said...

Hilarious! Thanks.

Rock on Marty Casey!

mack said...

sharing a joint. inDEED. still cracking my ass up.

mack the fork said...

After re-listening to I, Alone again, my impression is that Marty's performance rocks.

I had a thought when I first saw it Tuesday that the "concerned discussion by Binks" footage shown midway through his performance looked suspiciously like the stock band discussion footage they collect before the show begins at the tapings. The Dave Navarro random hand waving looked kind of out of place, or something. I would guess they collect the footage every week for potential use in editing. Notwithstanding OB's comments after the song, the footage can color the viewer's perception as they are watching it.

Also, in the bridge, upon listening the first time around, it sounded a bit discordant, but it seems like this was more a result of the funky guitar break overlaid on top of his singing than badly missed notes. Not to blame the the guitarwork by any means (there's no "I" in "band", JD), just that the combo rankled a bit moreso that one element or the other.

So overall, just wanted to report that the goosebumps are back upon my re-listening. We will now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

L A Ray said...

When in doubt go to the instant replay

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool to see Lovehammers "Murder On My Mind" at #246 on Amazon sales chart. Better than any INXS album currently, other than their best-of. Not bad for an unsigned band.

Anonymous said...

So um, I laugh out loud and scare my kids reading you & Sid's recaps. Thanks for that. Clear up some confusion for me: How do you guys know Marty/the Lovehammers? Related, friends, what?

L A Ray said...

they don't know him....they just stalk

Moist Rub said...

Through our stalking of Marty, we've come to know him quite well. We hope to know him in the biblical sense, some glorius day.

Anonymous said...

Are you starting a rumor that Marty is a homosexual?

Moist Rub said...

No, not even close. Just having fun with harmless innuendo. If that is your slant, then it's probably you with the homesexual tendancies.

Jack Albertson said...

Is a 'homesexual' one who indiscriminately cavorts with sundry abodes?

Sid F'er said...

I caught a replay of the performance episode on VH1 last night and agree that Marty's song wasn't as weak as I intially thought because of that crap arrangement on the bridge. I just hope that wasn't too much of his doing and falling into the JD's trap of trying to over-arrange songs to try and make them his own. His vocals and stage presence are unique enough to do that and stay true to the original. I'm sure OB isn't looking for somebody to re-arrange their back catalog and make it their own.

L A Ray said...

ah but maybe they are looking for someone to come in a rearrange their songs to give it that new, fresh, hip sound, in the hopes they can rise to the level of success they once enjoyed.

Mack the Fork said...

And Chunk-chunka-Chunk IS the rage these days