Friday, August 19, 2005

Talkin Bout My Generation

So what happens when you tell a Beatles fan and self-professed "60's maniac" to check out a show like Rock Star: INXS? I'll let you read the following email and find out for yourself (editor's note: the old boy is probably losing his hearing so he thinks that MiG's name is Mick). By the way, the subject line of the email was "Wow, that really sucked".

Well, I watched your INXS show last night... I remember now why I hate "reality" shows. Because, they suck... all of them just suck, suck, suck. The band members sitting around like "Lords O Music"... fuck, it's just a lame rock band without a front man. Geez, the house band sounded pretty tight. I can't watch that again. Your bud, "Marty" sounded OK, kinda got stuck with a real sucky song. But everyone else did the usual "American Idol" oversing thing. They can't just sing the fucking song from the heart, they gotta show all their little "tricks" and their vocal range. Can't see a chick no matter how good she looks or sounds fronting INXS... The brother is also out, which leaves funk ball with the dumb ass hat (I guess he's from the hood?) and then Mick and Marty. Mick can actually play an instrument (wow, what a concept for a band?) so he and Marty will probably end up head to head... And Marty fits the mold better than Mick because he's got a stronger voice and more stage presence.

Also, the other reason I won't watch again is because you were right... How can you fuck up a Stones song so bad in front of a national audience? God that sucked.

Now, I've got to go rent "The Commitments" just to get that nasty over sung, over produced BS out of my head... or maybe "That thing you Do". Both of those reflect "reality" a hell of a lot better than that suck-ass show.

Marty rocks... In my humble opinion, and should win but then what is the prize? Fronting an aging lame rock band with no future.


Whiskey A Go Go said...

Send that bro some chill pills. It's just a TV show.

Moist Rub said...

Just a TV show? JUST A TV SHOW!?!?! What are you out of your fuckin' MIND!?

Just a TV show. Pish.

Aunt Nina said...

Hey, Mr. Rub, watch your language...or shall I call you Moist? Wait - excuse me while I vomit.

This hippy person does have a point. It is only a T.V. show with a prize that may or may not be worth very much. Though, best of luck to all of the contestants.

I could call you Ponty. How's that? At least that wouldn't gross me out as much. Later.

Whiskey A Go Go said...

I'll send more chill pills

Aunt Nina said...

If the above comment was meant for me -

See, I am fortunate in that Mr. Rub is my brother and I'm guessing that he'll get the sarcasm and inside joke about the 'Ponty' name.

So cool down, please.

Thank you. Later.

Sid F'er said...

Let me guess -

Ponty, because of his striking resemblence to master violinist Jean Luc Ponty?

Or his own virtuosity with stringed instruments?

Or is it just because he drives a Pontiac?

We need some background on this Ponty thing.

Why don't I remember a sister named Nina? Did you change your name in honor of the great Nina Gordon? Have you heard her cover of Straight Outta Compton? Good stuff - check it out on her website for free.

dalebud said...

Wasn't Pud a big fan of Jean Luc?

mrs. brightside said...

He's right though. Some performances on that show make me want to drown myself in the originals because their covers are so bad. Or at least see more respectable covers just to remind myself that, yes, it can be done.

Eg. Brandon's "Hard to Handle". I did exactly what that guy did. I rented "The Commitments" and beheld the glory that was Andrew Strong. Or more specifically. The glory that was NOT Brandon Calhoon. Thank GOD he's off my TV screen.

Sid F'er said...

mrs. brightside.... that's a pretty clever name, mate.

dalebud - yes, pud was. that's why he's pud.

i do thank god every day brandon is off the show.

Moist Rub said...

I have the Brandon Calhoun screen saver. I can't miss him enough.

Anonymous said...

Sid - (aka A.L.)

My hearing is fine thank you very much... I simply refuse to recognize "Mig" as a name, so I renamed the fucker. Mig is a Russian fighter jet(just like the dude on the show... not worth a shit either) Just so you'll know I also don't recognize:
Sunny - (partly fucking cloudy?)
April - (duh... what month is it?)
Summer - (see above...?)
Dallas - (Just a fucked up city)
Iris, Daisy, Rose - (all either flowers or dog names)
Also don't care much for "Vinny" as it sounds like some kind O cheap pizza eating gang banger.
Anyway... back to the facts jack. The show still sucks, the prize sucks, and now even the debate sucks.